Infertility Expenses

Sullivan, MO (US)
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Fertility Treatments

Infertility Expenses

by Carly Weirich

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Sullivan, MO (US)

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My name is Carly. I’ve suffered with PCOS for the last 10 years.
After trying to conceive with our first born for 2 years, my husband and I finally sought help. I wasn’t ovulating so I took Clomid and was thankfully able to conceive after 1 month of the medicine. We had a healthy boy in 2017.

In 2019, we had a surprise pregnancy that tragically ended as an ectopic which required me to go under emergency surgery. My right Fallopian tube was ruptured and had to be removed, thus lowering my chances even more of conceiving. I did 6 rounds of Clomid & 3 rounds of Letrozole before finally being referred to a reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist.

I have now been undergoing IUIs (intrauterine insemination). I’ve had 4 and all 4 have failed. This is starting to become a big financial burden on our family, but we don’t want to give up as we desperately want to expand our family and give our son a little brother or sister. It’s a hard dream to let go of when from the time you were 5 years old, you’ve known you wanted to be a mommy to multiple kids. We are currently now having to post-pone any further treatment until we can come up with the money for another cycle.

I’m not one to ever ask for help. I like to work for what we have-but I finally accepted that now, I need help.

If you would consider donating to help our journey, it would mean the absolute world to us. Whether it be $1, $100, and everything in between—it all helps SO much.

If you can’t donate, don’t worry! Even sharing our story helps tremendously!

Thank you for all the support, family & friends! We love you and appreciate you all.

Name Donation Date
Lora Deadrick $10.00 March 14, 2022
Anonymous $10.00 March 14, 2022
Lindsay Beers $100.00 March 09, 2022
Anonymous $50.00 February 11, 2022
Kelci Miller $20.00 February 10, 2022
Anonymous $75.00 February 10, 2022
Riley Lock $10.00 February 10, 2022
Nay Eakins $100.00 February 10, 2022
Stephanie Pyle $25.00 February 10, 2022
Amy Harris $200.00 February 10, 2022
Mary Marquitz $50.00 February 10, 2022
Ricky Bunge $50.00 February 10, 2022
Catrina Griggs $20.00 February 10, 2022
Anonymous $50.00 February 09, 2022
Kayla Watters $30.00 February 09, 2022
Jarren Blankenship $25.00 February 09, 2022
Megan James $50.00 February 09, 2022
Kelly Politte $20.00 February 09, 2022
Debra Parks $30.00 February 09, 2022
Riley Lock commented with a $10 donation about 2 years ago
Love you. I hope God heals any brokenness within your life and your path is nothing but up. :)
Mary Marquitz commented with a $50 donation about 2 years ago
Prayers sent your way ♡
Kayla Watters commented with a $30 donation about 2 years ago
Sending prayers
Jarren Blankenship commented with a $25 donation about 2 years ago
I understand your struggle all to well. I wish I could give more but I know something is better than nothing. I wish you all the very best and hope that you’re able to keep trying for as long as it takes!
Kelly Politte commented with a $20 donation about 2 years ago
Here is a start, praying dearly for you and your family!