Invitro fertility fundraiser

Newman, CA (US)
Created 4 weeks ago
Fertility Treatments

Invitro fertility fundraiser

by David Delgado

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Newman, CA (US)

David Delgado is organizing this fundraiser.

Campaign Story

Hello! We are the Delgado’s! My name is David and my wife’s name is Lesley. We got married in December of 2015 and in April of 2017, I was injured in a football game causing me to be paralyzed from the chest down (the day before my 25th birthday). My wife has been diagnosed with mild PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and even though we were able to get pregnant on our own (which was a miracle to us), unfortunately we miscarried. We then tried an IUI treatment but miscarried again. We tried the IUI treatment a second & third time but didn’t get pregnant. With that being said we have decided to go with IVF, something that’s a little more “aggressive” in hopes that we can get pregnant and stay pregnant. We are looking forward to this journey even though we know it might be a long one but we need help. My wife is the sole provider of our household. She currently works 3-4 jobs and is my full time care giver. Anything helps and is extremely appreciated. We are looking forward to starting our family!

Name Donation Date
Stephanie & Brian Gomes $100.00 March 26, 2023
Autumn Alread $50.00 March 25, 2023
Michael Bivens $50.00 March 22, 2023
Alec Clairmont $60.00 March 22, 2023
Nate Butler $100.00 March 22, 2023
Anonymous $10.00 March 16, 2023
Jonathan Coelho $50.00 March 13, 2023
Anna Morais $50.00 March 05, 2023
Anonymous $20.00 March 05, 2023
Roman&Brittany Ramirez $50.00 March 03, 2023
Anonymous $100.00 March 03, 2023
Brieona Franco $40.00 March 03, 2023
Olivia Pimental $25.00 March 02, 2023
Priscilla Greunke $20.00 March 02, 2023
Sam Ruiz $50.00 March 02, 2023
Trenton Rodrigues $35.00 March 02, 2023
Bryan Garbez $100.00 March 02, 2023
Shealin Silva snoke $50.00 March 01, 2023
Alyx Delgado $100.00 March 01, 2023
Amanda Oliveira $50.00 February 28, 2023
Alyssa Wood $40.00 February 28, 2023
Stesha Brazil $100.00 February 28, 2023
Anonymous $10.00 February 28, 2023
Stephanie & Brian Gomes commented with a $100 donation about 17 hours ago
Prayers for you both through this journey 🙏🏽
Alec Clairmont commented with a $60 donation about 4 days ago
I hope things work out for you all! If anyone deserves this opportunity, it's definitely you two lovely (inside & out) people.
Nate Butler commented with a $100 donation about 4 days ago
Hope this helps!
Roman&Brittany Ramirez commented with a $50 donation about 3 weeks ago
Best wishes and all the baby luck to you guys!
Olivia Pimental commented with a $25 donation about 3 weeks ago
We know all about having difficulty conceiving and if there’s any way I can help someone else, I absolutely will! Praying for you and a little miracle baby!
Shealin Silva snoke commented with a $50 donation about 4 weeks ago
Good luck guys!