The Next Steps to a Tiny Timmerman

Jamestown, OH (US)
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Fertility Treatments

The Next Steps to a Tiny Timmerman

by Mikyla Timmerman

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Jamestown, OH (US)

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Our names are Seth and Mikyla Timmerman. Our love story began in 2014 when we met each other in college. It was clear early in our relationship that we wanted to make a life with one another. After graduating, we moved to Ohio and were married in the fall of 2019. We always knew that we wanted children, so we began to set goals for ourself that included: a career change, adopting a dog, and then of course moving out of our apartment and buying a house. These were all things we wanted and worked hard for on our journey to start growing our family.


We have been fortunate enough to spend 8 wonderful years together (married for 3) but there is still just one thing that’s missing… We want nothing more than to become parents of a healthy baby, but there is a risk involved with a rare genetic condition we fear passing on. After several doctor’s appointments, late night research, and various testing, we have decided that getting pregnant the natural way and having a healthy baby (who would have a great quality of life) is not very likely.


We have decided as a couple (and with the guidance of medical professionals,) that if we want to have a baby of our own, our only option is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF.) We will also need two genetic tests known as PGT-M and PTG-A as well as specialized medications. What doctors are capable of today is truly remarkable, but implantation is not always successful. It’s not uncommon that we may have to go through several rounds of medical procedures before becoming pregnant. Much to our dismay, we have learned that insurance providers only cover a small portion of the cost. We will be responsible for ~$20,000, (which could increase depending on how many rounds we will have to go through.)


We have been blessed beyond measure in life already, but deeply want to grow our family. If you are willing to provide any assistance by clicking the Donate Now button below, that would be greatly appreciated. If we were to receive an abundance of funds, we will be donating to the Gift of Parenthood to help other couples like us in need. Thank you for taking the time to hear our story. We so appreciate your time and consideration.


God Bless <3.

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Darrell Whitworth $50.00 March 24, 2023
Shelley Wambo $25.00 March 21, 2023
Theodore Angel $300.00 January 30, 2023
Anonymous $150.00 January 17, 2023
Anonymous $50.00 January 07, 2023
Benjamin Jones $25.00 January 05, 2023
Peter Foreman $250.00 January 04, 2023
Steven Roth $100.00 January 03, 2023
Julie Reed $20.00 January 03, 2023
Anonymous $500.00 December 09, 2022
Alana Benn $45.00 December 04, 2022
Thomas Franzen $300.00 December 02, 2022
Taryn Wheatley $500.00 December 01, 2022
Anonymous $500.00 November 30, 2022
Wendy Smith $100.00 November 30, 2022
Anonymous $150.00 November 28, 2022
Anonymous $25.00 November 28, 2022
Austin Traenkle $100.00 November 26, 2022
Robert Bruno $50.00 November 25, 2022
Anonymous $500.00 November 24, 2022
Sherry Harville $50.00 November 23, 2022
Anonymous $5.00 November 22, 2022
Beth Barker $50.00 November 21, 2022
Christy Stevenson $20.00 November 21, 2022
Leann Castillo $50.00 November 21, 2022
Lindsay McKenna $40.00 November 19, 2022
Becky Kuehl $25.00 November 19, 2022
Victoria Fehrholz $30.00 November 19, 2022
Jo Ann Bodenmiller $200.00 November 19, 2022
Jason Irick $50.00 November 19, 2022
Bryan Heck $250.00 November 19, 2022
Darrell Whitworth commented with a $50 donation about 2 days ago
Praying for you guys!!
Peter Foreman commented with a $250 donation about 3 months ago
We will keep you in our prayers through your journey!
Steven Roth commented with a $100 donation about 3 months ago
Swift & C172 at Barnstormers Carnival
Julie Reed commented with a $20 donation about 3 months ago
I will forever be cheering for you guys ?
Anonymous commented with a $500 donation about 4 months ago
Despite Seth's lower security clearance, he's an amazing human being, and I am honored to lend my support.
Taryn Wheatley commented with a $500 donation about 4 months ago
You deserve so much ?
Wendy Smith commented with a $100 donation about 4 months ago
Best wishes and lots of prayers for you both on your journey to growing your family.
Christy Stevenson commented with a $20 donation about 4 months ago
It's not much but I love you! You guys would be amazing parents! ❤️
Leann Castillo commented with a $50 donation about 4 months ago
Praying for you and the journey.