Help Luis and Lupita on their IVF journey.

Chicago, IL (US)
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Fertility Treatments

Help Luis and Lupita on their IVF journey.

by Guadalupe Villegas

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Chicago, IL (US)

Guadalupe Villegas is organizing this fundraiser.

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My name is Guadalupe , and I have
endometriosis, commonly referred to as endo for
those who may not know. Endo is a
health condition in women where tissues grow
outside of the uterus, causing pain and, often
infertility. Endo affects more than 11% of
American women between 15 and 44. My husband Luis and I are high school sweethearts fated for 5 years and have been married for 7 years now and we have tried to get pregnant for 6 years now ; we’ve tried two cycles of IVF. The first IVF resulted in a twin pregnancy but resulted in a miscarriage at almost 8 weeks. Our second cycle resulted in an etopic twin pregnancy also around 7 weeks, it’s been physically, and emotionally draining but has brought us closer.  It was quite a scare as I hemorrhaged, I lost one of my felopeon tubes. We maxed out our fertility benefits through work, everything would be out of pocket for us to be able to try again. We are asking you to help us on this path
by donating to our fundraiser. We are seeking
assistance with our IVF treatments in hope to become parents, and we would be honored if you could help. Even if it’s $5 anything would help and would be greatly appreciated.

Name Donation Date
Jessica Ortiz $25.00 June 11, 2022
Jonathan Balbuena $20.00 June 11, 2022
Anonymous $100.00 May 27, 2022
Hayde Gallegos $150.00 May 27, 2022
Carmen Manzo $20.00 May 27, 2022
Anonymous $5.00 May 27, 2022
Susy Zapata $20.00 May 26, 2022
Anonymous $50.00 May 26, 2022
Anonymous $20.00 May 26, 2022
Jessica Ortiz commented with a $25 donation about 2 weeks ago
I have faith in you guys! I wish you both the best of luck and mucho mucho happiness to come.
Carmen Manzo commented with a $20 donation about 1 month ago
Good Luck & god bless ♥️