IVF-love, hope, faith

Gilbertsville, KY (US)
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IVF-love, hope, faith

by Ashley Bonnell

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Gilbertsville, KY (US)

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Campaign Story

My name is Ashley and it is with a heavy heart I write our story. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for a few years now with one heart ache after another. After trying to conceive on our own and not being successful we decided to look into IVF. The first clinic we spoke with told me I was told I was too old for treatments. At this point I had given up my hearts desire on having my one beautiful baby.
I had let some time pass with many prayers I had found another clinic that seemed more promising. After reaching out to the clinic and placed on a 4 month wait list we happily awaited for our consultation. After meeting with the specialist our hope grew bigger since we were told we would be a great candidate for IVF. Even though we had no idea how our journey would come together and how financially we would afford this due to the total cost was due upfront. We had received more good news that we were approved to have a small loan to help pay for costs. Shortly after starting IVF I lost my job. I took this news as time to focus on our future family since my husband still has a good stable job. He has been there for me supporting me in each step of this beautiful journey.

After completing a round of medications I was now ready for our egg retrieval. Upon waking from the procedure I was met by the doctor who informed me I have endometriosis that would require surgery to help increase my odds of being able to successfully conceive. The doctor was able to still retrieve 10 eggs. As I anxiously awaited for a surgery date which couldn’t be schedule for almost 2 months away I looked forward to getting the phone call from the embryologist to see how things were progressing. On day 1 I was informed that 6 out of 10 eggs were fertilized. As I continued to pray and not lose faith I awaited for my next phone call on day 5, which I was told there was 1 egg that looked promising. I stayed hopeful because all I needed was 1. The next day the phone rang and I knew immediately by the tone in her voice bad news was to follow. As my stomach sank the words, “I am so sorry,” proceeded to ring in my ears, “none of your eggs grew.” With a broken heart and loss of hope here I sit knowing this was my last chance to be able to have my one and only baby. I never ask anything from anyone and it’s hard for me to ask for help. I have no way to pay for other rounds of IVF upfront, which is what my clinic requires. I continue to pray for guidance to be able to bring in a beautiful life into this world. I know there are others out there with their own story and even possibly worst then mine. I know my story is not over yet. Thank you for reading my story.