IVF: Bringing more ‘Yangs’ to the Yang Family!

South Jordan, UT (US)
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IVF: Bringing more ‘Yangs’ to the Yang Family!

by Jennifer Bush

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South Jordan, UT (US)

Jennifer Bush is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Andrea Huerta.

Campaign Story


Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Andrea and Isiah are a wonderful couple that I have had the privilege of being friends with. I asked if I could post their story on their behalf as they are so humble and kind that I knew they would be shy. Andrea is a phenomenal mother who truly encapsulates what a “mother” is. She has a beautiful dream of growing her family. Please help make that dream a reality!

Andrea and her husband have been together since 2016, where she was blessed with her beautiful bonus daughter. From the very beginning, Isiah and Andrea dreamed of expanding their family and having children of their own, but they never imagined the heart-wrenching path that lay ahead.

Starting in 2018, Andrea was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal disorder that causes irregular menstrual cycles, polycystic ovaries, and infertility. PCOS caused a cyst in her right fallopian tube where it cut off all blood circulation, leading to its removal and reducing their chances of conception. Despite this, Andrea and Isiah remained hopeful and determined to achieve their dream.

For the first four years, they faced relentless struggles with infertility. Andrea underwent two ovulation inductions, intrauterine inseminations, and two IVF cycles that gave them five precious embryos. In 2022, their first embryo transfer was unsuccessful, and the loss was excruciating. Each step was filled with hope, only to be met with heartache. Despite the emotional toll, Andrea and Isiah refused to give up on their dream. Miraculously, their second transfer brought them closer to their dream of a growing family—they had a beautiful baby boy. Their hearts were full of gratitude for the miracle baby boy they received.

In 2024, they resumed fertility treatments with the dream of giving their son an additional sibling. Sadly, the first two embryos ended in early miscarriages. They prepared for their final transfer with the last embryo, which they hoped was their little fighter. It was a 7-day cultured embryo with a 20% lower chance of succeeding. Andrea was diagnosed with Adenomyosis at this time, a condition where endometrial tissue grows into the uterine wall, adding yet another barrier. Andrea underwent a trial treatment with hormones, hoping it would suppress the Adenomyosis before their last transfer. However, they were heartbroken to find that their last and final embryo did not make it.

The pain of these losses has been indescribable, and the emotional toll has been immense. Andrea truly has a mother’s love, and the loss was heart breaking. Although Andrea and Isiah’s hearts have been shattered time and time again, the desire to grow their family keeps them going.

Now, Andrea and Isiah are giving themselves another chance with IVF, holding onto the hope of completing their little family. This third IVF cycle will be their most comprehensive and aggressive attempt yet. It will include intense ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, Zymot testing, embryo testing, two months of Depot Lupron, a hysteroscopy, along with numerous blood draws and appointments.

Unfortunately, they have exhausted all their fertility health benefits, leaving them to bear the full cost of this critical cycle. The financial burden is overwhelming, but the slightest chance of expanding their family keeps them pushing forward to achieve their beautiful dream.

I am humbly seeking support to help make their dream a reality. Any contribution, no matter how small, will bring Andrea and Isiah one step closer to welcoming another precious baby into their lives. Your kindness and generosity means the world to them, and they are deeply grateful for any help you can provide. This would be the most beautiful gift.

Thank you for taking the time to read their story and for considering supporting their journey. With your help, they hope to make their family complete.

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