Ivf costs for Bree and Luke Guy

Richmond , Ky (US)
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Ivf costs for Bree and Luke Guy

by Breana Guy

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Richmond , Ky (US)

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My name is Bree. From as long as I can remember I’ve always dreamed of the day I’d become a mom. As the oldest sister, I would always take it upon myself to treat my younger siblings as my own. At 18, I started working in daycares. I continued by nannying. I’m currently in college for elementary education, and only have a year or so left. (Along with writing books to become a children’s author.) I have so much love to give, because growing up was hard. I grew up in an environment where I didn’t always feel loved in the way a child needs to be. I found out I was adopted, and pieces fit together on why my siblings got away with practically murder, and why it felt like I was raised differently. When I met my husband, we bonded over the fact we are both pursuing elementary education for our careers. We knew from the get go we wanted a family. Now that we have been trying for going on our 2nd year, let me tell you a bit of our efforts in trying to conceive.

When I was 16, I realized my period hadn’t came in a few months. When asking to see a gynecologist, I was put off time and time again . Over a year of missing a period and harsh cramps, I finally was able to make an appointment and be seen. After testing, I was diagnosed with PCOS. Due to my PCOS, I gained over 100 pounds in under a year, had inconsistent periods, had lots of cramps, and my metabolic system was completely out of whack. Flash forward to years of birth control and provera to get and maintain my monthly cycle, I started trying to conceive with my now husband,Luke. Luke and I, tried for months and months. I cycle tracked, I did all the tricks I could find, and nothing. I remember one day as I was laying in bed, a best friend from elementary school had texted me to tell me she was pregnant. I remember being a little jealous, but telling her that maybe soon we would be pregnant together because we were trying! I held on to that hope, and since then she’s given birth and I’m still struggling. After a while of trying naturally, we reached out to my OBGYN. We started clomid. After months of increases (only 6 months are recommended at a time) and blood testing it was confirmed that clomid helped me ovulate. However, I still was not pregnant. My obgyn then ordered tests for me, and a sperm analysis for him. My tests were to show my chromosomes, which came back normal. His sperm analysis on the other hand, came back abnormal. It was so low, they made him redo it. Unfortunately the same results came back. I recently had 13 biles of blood taken for more tests, and am getting an ultrasound done. He agreed ivf would probably be our best bet at having our family. As I see lots of people I grew up with starting their families, I’m left devastated with every negative test. I’m so exhausted with holding flashlights to the back of the test just because of how much hope that it was just too early. I just want our baby.

If you can help at all, I will appreciate it. Even if it’s just a few dollars. I know the one thing I was meant to do was to become a mom, and I’ve never felt so defeated. Thank you for considering helping us.

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