Ivf For Baby Carr Miracle Baby

Atlanta, GA (US)
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Ivf For Baby Carr Miracle Baby

by Jamacia Turner

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Atlanta, GA (US)

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Hello. I’d like to start off by introducing myself. My name is Jamacia Turner and I’m 28 years old. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. I graduated from high school in 2015. I find myself here asking for help because I made a decision in 2020 to have my tubes tied but as a young adult I didn’t know how important that decision would be or affect me. Right after high school I found myself pregnant. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in 2016 and again 2017. As I start to create what I thought was my ideal family, little did I know my life would turn upside down. My parter started acting in such ways I couldn’t fathom. He began lying to me , cheating on me, abusing me physically and mentally. I found myself constantly having to defend or protect myself from someone who didn’t mind hurting me, black my eyes or break my bones. As foolish as it may sound I still stayed hoping and praying to God that our relationship would get better and everything would be okay. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case things only got worse. Finally after 5 years together with kids but 11 years overall together I couldn’t take it anymore. I became pregnant again with my third child. I was scared, still so young and a parter with a raging attitude. Once I went in to have my baby I told my doctor I would like to have my tubes tied and so it was done. By this time I had been depressed for a very long time. All he would ever say was how nobody would want me with kids, or how I’ll be alone raising our kids if I left, or tell me how it’s easier for a man to be with a woman who don’t have kids rather than somebody that do. I left and I prayed to god to not return back. I was so sad and broken I remember telling god I didn’t want nobody else to not send me nobody. I began to work on myself and I eventually found myself again. All worth the wait. I love myself and who I’ve become. Anyway I met my partner whose now my fiance. Yay congratulations to me! We both Virgo’s and get along well. We’re literally each other bestfriend. He was there when I needed him and I was there when he needed me. Anyway the way he approached me he could tell I been through some things but he didn’t shield himself from me. He took a interest in me and my children. I tried to avoid him but it became hard. He would come over just to see the kids or take us out or just be there with us. We committed to a church home together as a family and living life more. we enjoy doing everything together. The excitement on my children faces when he show up for them in whatever way it feels so good. It’s crazy everything I wanted with there dad another man was willing to build with me. I never knew a love like this. It feel so safe, calm and reassuring. Anyway after dating for two years my fiance Demarcus had ask me to marry him and of course I said YES. My fiancé doesn’t have any kids of his own but have expressed to me that he would love to have one or two of his own but reassured me that if we doesn’t he okay with the family I’ve given to him. But every month I feel responsible when mother nature hit and I know how he feels. After we talked more and more about this I’m realizing that I want to do this for my fiancé and I deeply regret having my tubes tied. I have no reason to be worried or scared with him. He literally so kind, loving and gentle with me. So I come here asking if your reading this if you can please help us with a donation. Tubal reversal are expensive and so is ivf. We are looking for a little help to make our dreams come true and complete our family. We both really looking forward to enjoying this journey together and I can’t be any more excited. Thank you all for reading and I wish you all none but the best of luck and love.