IVF for baby Wood

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IVF for baby Wood

by Jeanne Prodonovich

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My name is Jeanne. My partner, Jason and I have been together for ten years. We knew we both wanted to have children and would have liked to start sooner, but life happened and here we are in our forties, trying to start a family. Early on, it looked as if we were going to be one of the lucky couples. Three months into trying, we had a positive pregnancy test! Unfortunately the pregnancy failed a few weeks later. The doctor called it a chemical pregnancy, one that was likely never viable. It was a blow, but it happened so early, the idea of being pregnant hadn’t even sunk in yet.

So Jason and I kept trying. Three months after that we got another positive test. The mood with this one was so very different than the first one. With the first positive, we were excited; hugs, kisses, we did it! With the second positive, we were more cautious. First hurdle over. Let’s make it another few weeks.

Still, even with all the anxiety, I logged into a pregnancy app and found my due date, made a doctor’s appointment, started wish listing maternity clothes. Then, the day before we were supposed to go for our first ultrasound at eight weeks, we miscarried. The doctor’s visit that was supposed to be our first look, was instead heartbreaking. For some reason, reporting the loss on the app broke me the most. For everything else, Jason was with me. He supported me or I supported him. The app was something I did on my own and when I cleared out all the info on it, I felt like I failed.

We tried to get right back in the game, but unfortunately over the next month, my HCG numbers did not drop like they were supposed to. Another visit to the obgyn confirmed no new pregnancy but that there might be tissue left behind – an incomplete miscarriage.

I ended up needing a D&C. After the D&C, my periods did not go back to normal and I worried that maybe we wasted to much time while I recovered. This time I had scar tissue from the D&C. Another procedure was required and added more time to recovery.

I am now 43 years old and will be 44 this summer. Based on the last conversation with our fertility doctor, IVF is our best chance at starting a family. As everyone knows, fertility treatments are costly. The recommendation for us was one cycle, with two total egg banks, and genetic screening of embryos. The total cost was around $30k. The idea of going that deep into debt with a child on the way is terrifying. Even if donations don’t pay for the entire amount, any little bit would help Jason and me breathe a little easier.

Thank you so much for your consideration.