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Vermilion , Ohio (US)
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Ivf funding

by Sarah Anderson

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Vermilion , Ohio (US)

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Campaign Story

Hello, my name is Sarah Anderson. My husband I just got married in July of 2021. He is my second marriage. My first marriage I had two children with Him and I went through years of abuse until I finally was able to leave him and start on my own. Fast forward and I met my husband in 2018. He has fertility issues. He had an accident when he was younger making his chances slim to none for being able to have his own children. The doctor that did his surgery after his accident told him he would never be able to have children without help of fertility and medication. We tried for a whole year and we’re able to have a child. My gynecologist kept pushing me to have my tubes tied. So reluctantly, the moment they were taking me back to have my Cesarean I told them to tie my tubes. We’ll instead the doctor gave me a tubal and cut my tubes taking out a big chunk of my tubes and burning the ends. I’ve regretted daily having that done. I went to have a reversal thinking I could get it reversed when the doctor told me what they did and it would be impossible to try to reattach them because their isn’t enough to reconnect and I would have to see a fertility doctor. My husband is an amazing father to our son and to my two that aren’t his. He and I both want desperately to be able to try for a girl. His mother passed l shortly after meeting our son. She passed from lung cancer. We’ve begun the process and have an amazing doctor and wonderful team. We’re trying to find ways to financially be able to afford the treatments. Even if I didn’t have my tubes cut we would still need treatment because of my husband’s issues. However, my tubes being cut only complicates it more and lowers our chances without Ivf. I’m hoping that people will look past the fact that I have 3 children but only 1 is my husband’s and I’d together. I feel like something was taking from me that I didn’t want done. My husband and I both want to try for another child and I don’t want people to be like well she has three children. Yes I do but my husband only has one child and it was a miracle that we were able to have him. I’d like to be able to give my husband another child that is biologically his. He’s the best there is. He works hard he spends quality time with his step children. He would feed our son in the wee hours helping me out. He deserves the chance to try to have another child that’s his. Thank you for taking the time to read our story. All funding earned will go directly to Ivf treatment. God Bless.