IVF Journey To Baby Lackey

Shaw AFB, SC (US)
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IVF Journey To Baby Lackey

by Mychavia Lackey

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Shaw AFB, SC (US)

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Dear Family and Friends,

For the past 24 months Craig and I have struggled with infertility challenges. During that time we have both undergone a multitude of tests and with devastating results we have now decided to embark on the IVF journey with the incredible support of our medical team, family, friends and God. We begin our journey to baby Lackey in the middle of next month, March 2023. Dealing with infertility has been emotionally and physically draining and IVF is going to be a huge financial challenge for us as insurance does not cover any infertility procedures. Craig and I would humbly like to ask for your support in funding our IVF procedure so that we may try to build a family. Any funds collected here will go towards the cost of medication required for ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval surgery, genetic testing, and embryo transfer.

For full transparency, some of our IVF cost breakdown is below:

Labs, Physician visits, Ultrasounds, Egg retrieval, Embryo Transfer: $12, 700
TESE: $3,675.00
Medication: $6,000

It would mean the world to us to have anyone’s help to reach our goal and in hopes to make our dreams come true of finally being parents to our miracle baby.

With Love,
Craig and Mychavia

I plan to document this journey so feel free to add me on my socials (Mychavia is very unique you’ll find me) ❤️

  • 06-22-2023

    Day 1

    Hey everyone! Today is the first day of our IVF cycle. We are very excited to officially start this journey. I have posted an update on all my socials and will continue to do so throughout the entire journey. Thank you to everyone who’s donated and prayed for us thus far.

  • 06-22-2023


    Journey to baby Lack update! I’ve been quiet the last month because I’ve been praying 🙌🏾 we had a minor set back, but GOD. Over the past couple months I’ve been on numerous medication, undergone a surgery all while keeping positive vibes. With that the doctors retrieved 14 eggs, able to freeze 12 mature eggs and today we found out that we have 8 fertilized eggs! Next week will have our final count on how many survived the final count for our chances to conceive baby Lack.

    We’re not done yet but we are in good spirits and everything is looking great! Stay tuned for another update next week.

    Thank you to everyone whose checked in on us and supported us along this journey!

    #BabyLackLoading ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Bernadette Madison $200.00 April 18, 2023
Linda Johnson $50.00 April 07, 2023
Ciara Royster $50.00 April 07, 2023
Jessica Glover $20.00 March 21, 2023
Bernadette Madison $200.00 March 17, 2023
Anonymous $25.00 March 17, 2023
Aaliyah Mackey $200.00 March 16, 2023
Anonymous $100.00 March 02, 2023
Illiana Smith $25.00 February 26, 2023
Tianna Cooper-Sandidge $25.00 February 24, 2023
Braxton Ward $100.00 February 23, 2023
Jasmin Blackburn $100.00 February 23, 2023
Jamisha Williams $20.00 February 23, 2023
Kelaine Smith $100.00 February 23, 2023
Teana Page $100.00 February 23, 2023
Ashley Lemonius $20.00 February 23, 2023
Nuratiqah Taylor $50.00 February 23, 2023
Linda Johnson commented with a $50 donation about 1 year ago
So proud of u guys.sending lots of love and prayers!!!
Bernadette Madison commented with a $200 donation about 1 year ago
love yall... I pray fot this transition and that the will of the Lord be done for yall in Jesus name Amen
Aaliyah Mackey commented with a $200 donation about 1 year ago
We love you both and can’t wait to meet Baby Lackey ? -Aaliyah & Tyler
Anonymous commented with a $100 donation about 1 year ago
I found your page on Instagram through the ivf hashtag. I’m undergoing infertility treatments myself and know how expensive everything can be. Hang in there. Wishing you all the best on this journey ❤️
Tianna Cooper-Sandidge commented with a $25 donation about 1 year ago
Praying for you and your family…. Through God it’s already done! ❤️ love Tianna and family
Kelaine Smith commented with a $100 donation about 1 year ago
Don't ever give up, stay positive this WILL happen for you. You both are going to be the best parents a child could hope for!!
Ashley Lemonius commented with a $20 donation about 1 year ago
I know it's not much, but I wish you all the best! I can't wait to follow the journey ❤️
Nuratiqah Taylor commented with a $50 donation about 1 year ago
Good luck you guys! You will be amazing parents ? -Tika & Diamond