IVF PGT test & donor sperm

Bronx , NY (US)
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IVF PGT test & donor sperm

by leisade williams-summers

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Bronx , NY (US)

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Well My partner and I have been trying to expand our family since March 2021. Since then, we have undergone 4 rounds of IUI. All which have failed and not resulted in a pregnancy. I have a small case of PCOS which could be contributing to the failed IUI’s. We have exhausted all resources and have invested so much in this journey to present day. Let’s just say we could’ve paid for one round of IVF with the total amount spent on appointments, donor sperm, IUI procedures, medication and travel to and from appointments several times a week; especially mid cycle. Great news- The clinic submitted an appeal to my insurance and it was approved to proceed with a round of IVF despite initially saying I would have to proceed with 6 IUIs before consideration for partial or full coverage. The unfortunate part is the coverage doesn’t include PGT testing and medication. PGT testing is highly recommended; therefore, they can determine the best quality eggs/ embryos before implantation ( because of the failed IUIs and PCOS) And, the meds are needed to get my body ready for the retrieval. We have definitely been through an emotional rollercoaster in the last 15months. The turnaround time is like yesterday.
If you can support it will be greatly appreciated. If not, I understand and I ask that you please keep us in your prayers. ❤️🙏🏾🤞🏾