IVF Puzzle Fundraiser

Massapequa, NY (US)
Created 2 months ago
Fertility Treatments

IVF Puzzle Fundraiser

by Marie Tomasicchio

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$1,540.00 raised of $13,000.00 Goal
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Massapequa, NY (US)

Marie Tomasicchio is organizing this fundraiser.

Campaign Story

The difficulty of IVF or any fertilty issue is the hope and the shattered hope, the dream that it might happen this time and then it doesn’t happen. IVF is the most untalked about topic but the waitlists for the clinics and the overly full waiting rooms fill that silence. 1 in 8 families are affected by this and many choose to struggle quietly. Insurance companies put limits and price tags on these procedures that are hardly feasible for people let alone when their treatment isn’t successful. I am organizing this fundraiser to help one of my closest friends Amy, Unfortunately with a price tag of $13,000 for additional testing needed it is infeasible after already spending $50,000 and exhausting all insurance benefits.  This may not be everyone’s story, but this is her story and I’m hoping I can find people to join me as part of her puzzle. With this I am doing a puzzle fundraiser, and here’s how it works.
1. I have a 1000 piece puzzle.
2. I am “selling” each piece for $10. You can choose to buy 1,2, 3, or 10!
3. Once you purchase a piece, I will write your name on the back of the puzzle piece(s).
4. Once every single piece has been “sold”, I will put the puzzle together. It will hang in her home as a physical reminder of everyone who supported her. Not only will it serve as a reminder but she will also be able to share it with her future baby. To be able to show them how wanted, loved, and prayed for they were.
It would mean nothing more to me to be able to help her as she is the first one to always help others.

Name Donation Date
nicole christenson $20.00 January 13, 2024
Amy Le $20.00 January 12, 2024
Anonymous $800.00 January 09, 2024
Ariel Oliveira $100.00 January 09, 2024
Caitlyn Geer $50.00 January 05, 2024
Amanda Campisi $100.00 January 04, 2024
Ralph Misiti $100.00 January 03, 2024
Michelle Riley $100.00 January 03, 2024
sophia mattheos $50.00 January 02, 2024
Olivia Allgier $50.00 January 02, 2024
Holly Tix $50.00 January 02, 2024
Viviane Kempen $100.00 January 02, 2024
nicole christenson commented with a $20 donation about 2 months ago
always here for you 🤍
Amy Le commented with a $20 donation about 2 months ago
Sending you all the positive thoughts!
Anonymous commented with a $800 donation about 2 months ago
God Bless and continue to be positive and it will happen 🙏🙏🙏
Ralph Misiti commented with a $100 donation about 2 months ago
Vanessa, Valentina and I love you very much 🙏🏼
sophia mattheos commented with a $50 donation about 2 months ago
love you amy! you will be the best mom one day. we are all here for you❤️
Viviane Kempen commented with a $100 donation about 2 months ago
Wishing you all the best, Amy!