Ivf treatment

Broken arrow , Oklahoma (US)
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Ivf treatment

by Michelle Pomarico

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Broken arrow , Oklahoma (US)

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Our story is a little different then most. My husband and I started trying for a baby a little over a year ago and successfully got pregnant after only a couple months of trying. At just 4 weeks I started having complications and bleeding. We went to a planed parent hood where they informed us we were miss carrying. That same day we went to the hospital to get a second opinion. The doctor found a 9cm cyst in my left ovary. I was too early they couldn’t see anything or detect a heart beat yet. The doctor did voice that it could be ectopic then sent me home with out doing anything else and put on my release paper that I was having a “threatened abortion”. My husband and I were left heart broken. But for 3 weeks as I was getting blood work done with a obgyn my hcg levels kept rising appropriately, in fact tripled from where they were giving us hope everything was actually okay. At 7 weeks right before Easter I experienced the worst pain bleeding horribly again my husband rushed me to the hospital where they did more blood work. My hcg levels were over 14,000 so they knew I was still pregnant but couldn’t find a heart beat hours and numerous tests later they did a mri and found that the baby was in fact stuck in my right Fallopian tube with a torsion due to what they thought was just a ovarian cyst. They scheduled me for surgery Easter Sunday to remove our first baby and the cyst but when I went under they actually found that the cyst wasn’t a cyst at all turns out it was actually ovarian cancer. After hours of surgery I woke up early with the nurses back towards me informing another nurse of the procedures they did when I had no idea. What I heard was they removed both my Fallopian tubes and the ovary but I didn’t hear the cancer part. When I finally grasp a voice to speak I said, “what they took what!?“ The nurse before I could even be released from the surgery room ran my bed all the way down to my husband holding my hand telling me everything was going to be okay. It was then my husband told me about the cancer. I’ll never forget that moment bc although everything with in me was crashing I knew God was with me. Everything in me wanted to scream and cry but bc I was in so much pain from them taking samples from everything in my body I was left with just pure shock. The doctor came in the next day with no sympathy. She said we wanted to do a complete hysterectomy, but bc you had no children yet we didn’t. She said unfortunately you can no longer conceive naturally but with ivf there’s hope. We waited a week to get the results back and I was cleared they caught the cancer early at stage 1. My ovary contained it from spreading to anything else. Ovarian cancer is a silent disease and only 3% catch it that early at my age. We were still grieving and sad but I praised Jesus and our first baby for saving mommy’s life. Our baby had a heart beat of 125 staying alive just in time to remove the cancer. If the baby ruptured it could have caused cancer to spread throughout my entire body and I wouldn’t be here today sharing my story. I’m thankful to be here and continue to grow stronger each day with faith that we will get our miracle baby again. We tried ivf one time using all our savings. We got 3 eggs but only 1 fertilized and it was unsuccessful. I know our time will come and we won’t give up fighting the good fight. This will give us an opportunity to try again for another miracle baby ??