Journey to Baby Coleman

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Fertility Treatments

Journey to Baby Coleman

by Angie Coleman

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Roswell, GA (US)

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Campaign Story

Someone once asked me “why would you want to bring a child into this world?” My answer was simple & quick: to pass on the love, happiness & affection that was given to me as a child. We very much want to do this for children of our own. To pass on to them the love & care that every child deserves & we were blessed to have received as children.

Unfortunately, we are now 4 for 4 on conception leading to miscarriage. We have typically only made it to the 8-9 week mark before losing the pregnancy. These losses have been primarily the result of being a little older than the ideal child birthing ages. The only regret that we have together is that we didn’t find each other earlier in our lives so that we potentially wouldn’t have this challenge of childbirth at our “advanced” ages.

After our third loss last year, which we found out on Warren’s birthday, we were having a tough time dealing emotionally. Even our nurse who has gone through all our losses with us was crying with us. All we wanted to do was run away from all the gut wrenching losses. Even with COVID and knowing we couldn’t really run away to somewhere, we still decided to book a trip. Something we felt like we could somewhat control. We looked at all of Angie’s miles and hotel points to see where we can go. One thing about booking travel early on during the pandemic was that you could pretty much go anywhere for nothing. We got lucky & so we emptied her Delta and Hilton accounts and booked our trip. With the fear of pandemic still looming, we thought about cancelling but then we had our 4th loss at the beginning of this year which left our hearts and heads spinning. We needed to reset. We needed to get away. We needed that chance to run away. We needed to clear our heads to figure out what we are going to do next.

Through it all we have somehow stayed hopeful. We know that the timing just hasn’t been right, in one respect or another. We also know that the silver lining is that through these losses we have grown stronger together as a couple. While we’re so very grateful for our 4 little angels, who have joined our dads in Heaven, we sincerely hope to have another angel join us down here so that we all may enrich each other’s lives.

We’re continuing to pray but we’re also hoping that God will work through science & doctors by pursuing IVF treatments. As many of you probably know, this is a very expensive option. But, we hope, it will be the way that helps us bring a little one into this world.

It’s absolutely terrifying putting “our business” out there for the world to see but we know that we have an amazing support system that loves us. It’s a humbling but necessary lesson: it’s ok to ask for help. That’s what we’re doing now. We also hope, by making our story public, that it can help others who are going through this very sensitive & personal topic of infertility. Unfortunately, it’s much more common than many might think. Friends that have shared their very intimate stories of infertility with us have helped us this past two and half years.

Thank you for taking the time to read a piece of our story. Whether it is through donation or just simply sharing our story to show others they aren’t alone, know that any contribution will be cherished & appreciated. Any unused funds will be donated to Gift of Parenthood