Journey to Baby Rowe

Cuyahoga Falls, OH (US)
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Journey to Baby Rowe

by Angela Rowe

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Cuyahoga Falls, OH (US)

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Campaign Story

Hello, and welcome to our fundraising page! My name is Angie. I am a Registered Nurse, a fun-loving Dog Mom, and a passionate advocate for spreading infertility awareness. My husband, Jeff, and I have been navigating our infertility journey for several years now after my diagnosis of Endometriosis & PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). After many years of trying, we turned to the experts. Multiple rounds of unsuccessful IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination) led us to the even more expensive, physically, and emotionally exhausting world of IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization).

In the Spring of 2023, our first round of medications and egg retrieval resulted in 1 embryo to work with, which was transferred with success! We became pregnant, but unfortunately 8 weeks in, our precious angel passed away. His or her wings were ready, but our hearts were not. We said goodbye to our little one in May 2023.

Now we are hopeful for another successful round of IVF, as our physicians are quite confident we can get pregnant again. Our hope lies in faith that we will be able to save the money to do this very expensive treatment again.

We have also created some Clothing Designs on Bonfire to not only raise money toward IVF treatment not covered by insurance, but also to uplift and encourage others who are going through their own hardships. We believe Miracles Happen every single day and are holding out for our very own little miracle. Help support our cause and share with the world that you believe in miracles too!

We understand that not everyone is able to donate or purchase our designs, but would greatly appreciate your love & support through sharing our page and our story so that we can bring awareness to the subject of infertility. We thank you for checking out our page, and wish you all the best!

Why the goal of $18,000?
IVF is extremely costly, mentally, physically, and especially financially. $12,995 is the price that our clinic quotes us for out of pocket costs of 1 IVF cycle of egg retrieval with 1 embryo transfer. Medications for 1 cycle of IVF cost anywhere from $5000-$8000 depending on dosing needs. We are hoping to raise as much as possible to supplement what we can save up for 1 or 2 rounds of IVF. As we learned from our first egg retrieval, you are never guaranteed an embryo (or multiple embryos to work with); so mathematically, multiple egg retrievals are ideal.

We have been sharing our Infertility Journey over on my Instagram page. Please feel free to follow along❤️:

With Love & Light,
Jeff & Angie