Journey to motherhood

Calipatria , Ca (US)
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Journey to motherhood

by Alexis Petrucci

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Calipatria , Ca (US)

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My name is Alexis,and I have PCOS commonly referred to as polycystic ovarian syndrome for those who may not know.pcos is a common health condition in women where a ton of ovarian cyst are in your ovaries and do to that it is really hard to concieve because it prevents a women from ovulating naturally due to having irregular cycles.this condition can come along with 3 main things irregular cycles,hormone Imbalance where you have more testosterone than other women and the last thing is having cysts on your ovaries.i recently found out that I also have a bicornuate uterus also known as a heart shaped uterus instead of a normal pear shaped uterus so due to this it makes it way more difficult to even be able to and my husband have been trying to get pregnant for almost 3 years now and we still haven’t had any luck I have had symptoms of what I believe were miscarriage that were not confirmed but I could be wrong and it could’ve jus been a normal period now that me and my husband have process that we might not be able to concieve naturally we want to try ivf and hopefully we will get our little blessings

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