Journey to start my Family

Oakland, ca (US)
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Egg Preservation

Journey to start my Family

by Zoe Godfrey-Grinage

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Oakland, ca (US)

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Campaign Story

Hi, my name is Zoe and I have Lynch Syndrome. You may be wondering what is that? Well, Lynch Syndrome is a disease involving inherited mutations in DNA mismatch repair genes, leading to inadequate expression and function of their proteins. For short, this leads to human body being prone/having a higher chance of getting cancer but mainly colon cancer and for women uterus and breast cancer. Three years ago, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and decided to do genetic testing, where she found out she had lynch syndrome. Doctors explained to us that this disease is hereditary and that it is a 50/50 chance that a carrier of the gene would pass it down to their child. Now in my mid 20’s knowing that I now carry this gene as well as the sickle cell trait, my outlook on my future has shifted. Before I was living life carefree. Thinking I have all the time in the world to worry about married, buying a home, and having kids. Now with my diagnoses I realized that I want to take my health more serious and make sure I when the time comes to having a baby that they don’t have to worry about having this disease.

After getting my results from the genetic counselor they highly recommended I considered IVF with genetic testing to ensure that my baby doesn’t carry Lynch Syndrome Disease. After much thought and consideration, I went to the fertility center to get more information on the process. They informed me that with the gene that after freezing my eggs and then fertilized them down the line that the normal count would be cut in half due to my lynch syndrome. For example, if I had six viable eggs only 3 would be without the disease. In addition, they made it also known that if I am going to freeze my eggs, I should do it as possible to ensure I get the most eggs as possible.

As a young single woman in my mid 20’s just starting my career, finances are tight. I understand that most fundraisers on A Gift of Parent may be couples trying for a while to have their rainbow baby or single women further on in life wanting to make their dream of becoming a parent happen now. However, with my health condition I don’t have the luxury to delay this process. I want to ensure that I have a healthy baby and that I can be the one to end this disease within my family. Furthermore, I am asking for your help on my journey with IVF and greatly appreciate all donation.

Thank you for reading my story!