Kelsey & David’s Journey to Baby Sollish thru IVF

Belton, SC (US)
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Kelsey & David’s Journey to Baby Sollish thru IVF


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Belton, SC (US)

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Hello! My name is Kelsey and I am married to David & mama to our sweet puppy Lucy.
We have been married for about 11 and a half years. Ever since we were engaged, we have dreamed of having a family (both of us had dreamed of it long before that, but when the Lord led us to each other, the dream of a family became even more vivid). The first few years of our marriage was focused on getting our careers started and becoming more stable as a couple. When we were ready to begin trying to conceive, I had to consider a congenital heart murmur. I went through several tests and my cardiologist signed off on my clean bill of health and we were ready to begin our journey to a new baby. We tried for nearly three years with no success.
Once we moved to South Carolina, I started to see a new OB/Gyn, who immediately diagnosed me with a severe case of endometriosis. This diagnosis was not a surprise as I had, since my adolescence, painful and debilitating monthly cycles. So, I had surgery in April of 2020 to remove a very large amount of scar tissue resulting from the endometriosis. My fallopian tubes were also closed and the doctor reopened them. After this and my husband’s nearly perfect sperm analysis, the doctor said that we should have success in conceiving naturally. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.
We tried for another year and a half without any success, so it was time to visit a fertility specialist. During our first appointment, I was informed that my tubes were not clear, at all, and that they were clubbed. We were told that there was basically zero chance that we would conceive naturally and, if we went the IVF route, my tube issues would be toxic to any egg that was implanted. We were heartbroken. The only way for us to move forward is to first, have my Fallopian tubes completely removed, which will happen on October 18th of this year and then start a normal IVF journey in January of 2024.
Our insurance covers none of the treatment and even very little of the tube removal surgery. Luckily, we have amazing family members to help with the surgery, but that leaves us to pay completely out of pocked for the IVF procedures and, as we all know, IVF isn’t a guarantee. We so desperately want to have a baby to love, to teach to love our Lord, and to raise to make this world a better place. It is very uncharacteristic for either of us to ask for help, but in this case, we need it. Whether it is your prayers or a donation to our fundraiser, we thank you–from the bottom of our hearts–for helping us have our dream of a baby become a reality.
Thank you and God bless you!

  • 01-02-2024

    Updates from the Past Few Months

    November 28, 2023: Kelsey had successful surgery on October 18th to remove her Fallopian Tubes and to excise any scar tissue from endometriosis. Her followup appointment with the surgeon went great and then we met with the fertility specialist a couple of weeks ago. We are CLEAR to go forward with IVF and will start the process around the end of 2023/beginning of 2024. We are praying for our dreams to come true!!!

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Melissa Ripley $25.00 January 03, 2024
Melissa Ripley $25.00 October 19, 2023
Marissa Gilbert $20.00 October 19, 2023
JC Mitchell-Rogers $100.00 October 18, 2023
Autumn Weathersbee $25.00 September 16, 2023
Julia Glattfelt $1,000.00 September 15, 2023
Kehl+Gracie Hudson $100.00 September 15, 2023
Helena Jackson $100.00 September 13, 2023
Seth Killen $25.00 September 12, 2023
julie Verzwyvelt $100.00 September 12, 2023
Amanda Clark $25.00 September 12, 2023
Chesley Tench $25.00 September 12, 2023
Karen P Broussard $100.00 September 12, 2023
Amber Trementozzi $25.00 September 11, 2023
Bonnie Eisiminger $20.00 September 11, 2023
Hannah Leopard $5.00 September 11, 2023
Melissa Ripley commented with a $25 donation about 2 months ago
Marissa Gilbert commented with a $20 donation about 4 months ago
Sending my love and prayers through your IVF journey. May the faith you both have guide you and may you find strength in the Lord and support of those around you during this time. We love you!
Julia Glattfelt commented with a $1000 donation about 5 months ago
Prayers for you both. We love you. Julia and Jerry
Helena Jackson commented with a $100 donation about 5 months ago
Wishing you the best!!
Seth Killen commented with a $25 donation about 6 months ago
Praying for you!
julie Verzwyvelt commented with a $100 donation about 6 months ago
Prayers are with you on this journey
Amanda Clark commented with a $25 donation about 6 months ago
Kelsey and David, Thank you for sharing your story. As someone starting the motherhood journey myself, this is something that is very close to my heart. I would love to see you two become parents! I will pray for success with the treatments and funding.
Chesley Tench commented with a $25 donation about 6 months ago
Believing in God’s perfect plan for your family!
Karen P Broussard commented with a $100 donation about 6 months ago
Praying for both of you through this process. What wonderful parents you will be!
Amber Trementozzi commented with a $25 donation about 6 months ago
Hannah Leopard commented with a $5 donation about 6 months ago
Praying for you guys! 💙