Kristy’s IVF Journey

Ellisnore, MO (US)
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Kristy’s IVF Journey

by Kristy Jarvis

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Ellisnore, MO (US)

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First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this. Life can really change in an instant!

Most little girls dream of their wedding day. I can honestly say I have never had that dream. My dream has always been to be a mom. My dolls always had names and the best birthday parties. When I got older I would always my cousins kids or babysit the neighbor’s little girl overnight 5 days a week.

At 15 I was diagnosed with Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT) and when I turned 17 I was surgically diagnosed with Endometriosis. Like most women I had no idea what it was and had to learn about it and how it would affect my body. When I learned that infertility was something that could happen with Endometriosis my heart sank, and I cried for hours in my room. I feared the worst and underwent multiple exams with 2 different doctors to see if I could get pregnant one day. All exams confirmed I could.

When I turned 21 and was still single I decided to begin with some research on artificial insemination to make my dream come true. I contemplated for a for a few years, hoping to meet the “ONE” At 23 year I decided to tell my family about my plans and to go for it. I felt like my biological clock is ticking.

I met with a fertility doctor and heard the shocking news, not only was my biological clock ticking, I am now scared I am almost out of time! My doctor informed me I would have to undergo a few tests, but based on my ultrasound he was worried that artificial insemination might not be an option for me. The test confirmed that my Endometriosis has accelerated my reproductive organs causing damage to my fallopian tubes and ovaries. My doctor believes I will hit menopause before I turn 40. That was really HARD AND SHOCKING TO HEAR, my worst fear!

With artificial insemination NOT being an option, I was told IVF is my only chance to be able to conceive.

I’ve now been looking into IVF only to find out my insurance does not cover anything related to infertility even with an Endometriosis diagnosis. IVF costs over $26,000, which is a huge financial burden especially when I have chosen to be a Single Mom By Choice.

I had contemplated whether or not to start fundraisers to support my journey to becoming a mom. I’ve worried about sharing my struggles and it’s so hard to admit that you need help and even harder to ask for it. However, I’ve decided I have MUST try everything.

Anything donated would mean everything to me. I am so ready to be mom. I fully understand that many people have problems of their own and may not be able to give anything. Prayers, encouragement, and love are all welcomed. Like I said, I debated this process and am still feeling a bit uneasy at the idea, but decided that it couldn’t hurt to ask. Thank you!