Kruger Family IVF – Continued Support Needed

Eden Prairie, MN (US)
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Kruger Family IVF – Continued Support Needed

by Ashley Kruger

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Eden Prairie, MN (US)

Ashley Kruger is organizing this fundraiser.

Campaign Story

We (Ashley & Joe) have been struggling with infertility for the past several years. We have worked with several doctors and have been trying many different treatments to have a child. It has been quite a journey, but we are tackling the next step – IVF. However, this is quite costly and currently out of our reach financially. Medications and all parts of the process are quite expensive and not covered by insurance.

After a traumatic loss, we are attempting another cycle of IVF in 2023.

Joe and I would love to raise a kind and compassionate human for the next generation. We know that this is a big ask, but every small amount would help, and we both appreciate you taking the time to read our message. We love you and appreciate you!

  • 02-15-2022


    Joe and I are absolutely blown away by all of the support we have received. A huge hug and thank you to all! We feel so lucky to have such a wonderful support system. <3

  • 03-10-2022


    Joe and I feel incredibly supported by all of the friends, family, and acquaintances that have donated to our cause! I’m in tears just thinking about how much everyone cares and has shown up for us in our time of need. The next steps of the journey are only possible because of all the donations you have contributed! We would not have been able to move forward without monetary support. We are in the consultation phase now with 2 different clinics (RMIA in Edina, MN and CNY Fertility in Colorado Springs, CO) for the next part of treatment. As with many things right now, there is quite a wait…but we will hopefully have some updates on when we can begin treatments in late spring/early summer. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Hugs to all!

  • 04-05-2022

    Progress & Hope

    Hello all,
    A HUGE hug goes out to every single one of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you beautiful people! Because of all of your support, we can afford to officially commit to one cycle of IVF! After consulting with a few clinics for opinions and budget, we are able to begin treatment with CNY Fertility in Colorado Springs, CO. We have a few months of testing and preparation first. This summer, we will make a few trips to Colorado for one complete round of IVF. I will continue to post updates here to share how things are going. In the meantime, I would love to send each and every donor a handwritten note of thanks. Please send me your most up to date address via email ( and I can get a card to you!
    With Love,
    Ashley & Joe

  • 05-26-2022


    Hello again,
    Man, it has been a tough few days with all of the news about schools and students right now. My heart is heavy and I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve been extra emotional as I consider school wrapping up for the year and how I can best show my students and families love and care. In order to move forward with our IVF cycle this summer (aiming for the end of July!), I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve had to have a lot more monitoring and testing done. I had to complete a checklist of bloodwork and an additional ultrasound that insurance won\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t cover (nearly $1,000). My medical bills have totaled nearly $5,000 since December and I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m fighting with insurance since they claimed I haven\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t met my deductible ($3,000) yet. So, I feel a little frustrated with the situation but I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m keeping up on all of my supplements and have begun one of my hormone shots. Due to testing being so expensive, any little donation will still be very much appreciated. I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m looking forward to the next step of the process and I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve been in communication with our clinic in Colorado. I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m also hoping to take this summer to relax and step away from the stress at school/work and spend time in the garden (and with family!). Love to all!

  • 07-26-2022

    Medications & Traveling

    Hello all,
    I have several exciting updates to share on our IVF journey! This summer I began the priming and preparation protocols and officially start my stims/stimulation cycle of medication this week. Which means, we will be going to CO in about two weeks for the egg retrieval! Your donations have made this possible! I was able to use funds from this campaign thus far, to help with ultrasound and monitoring appointments (most of which insurance refuses to cover due to an infertility diagnosis), and more recently, for medications. The bill for my stims medications was $3,200 yesterday…so I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. BUT, I’m so thrilled to finally be moving forward in the process! I am not sure how I will feel with the adjustments of all the medications but, I am still excited to get started. We are still in need of funds to pay for all costs associated with the first cycle at CNY in Colorado Springs…I can’t believe how expensive IVF is! If you are able to pass along our story, we would be forever grateful. We both hope that everyone is having a wonderful summer and we feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family that support us.
    I will post in update in the next two weeks or so about our progress and trip out to Colorado Springs!
    Ash, Joe, & Eleanor (woof!)

  • 08-02-2022

    Planes & Pineapples

    Today is the day that we officially board the plane for Colorado! The medications worked just as they should and my monitoring appointments (ultrasounds and bloodwork) here in the cities went well. I am on track for egg retrieval tomorrow morning (8/3). Joe and I will be staying with some very close (and generous) friends in Denver while we are traveling to the clinic in Colorado Springs. Joe and I are both ready for the next few steps! We may also be able to do a fresh embryo transfer after a 5 day wait and testing while we are there. While there is still a long road ahead, we are hopeful. I recently read about pineapples and their positive energy and impact on women going through IVF (check out the article here - so I obviously had to get something with a pineapple on it for the trip. I’ll be sporting some lovely pineapple joggers at some point! Again, a heartfelt thank you to our support system and I will write an update after our return home.

    Ash, Joe, & Eleanor

  • 10-01-2022

    Broken Hearts

    Hello all,

    Unfortunately, I am writing today with an extremely heavy heart. Joe and I did have success with our first IVF embryo transfer in August. As of this past week, I was ten weeks pregnant. We were beyond happy, and my initial scans, bloodwork, and appointments were going well. On Thursday, we received our NIPT report stating that the baby had zero chromosomal abnormalities and was a boy. Absolutely thrilled, we began thinking of names and planning on telling our families this weekend.

    Due to being an IVF pregnancy, I have had more regular visits to the doctor and was being monitored closely. So, on Friday, we were completely blindsided at my scheduled 10-week appointment since everything else had previously been right on track. The baby now looked abnormal, and I was told that I would need to see a specialist immediately. After rushing to an additional scan at the Maternal Fetal Medicine clinic in Burnsville yesterday, we were given terrible news. The baby had developed body stalk anomaly which has roughly a 1 in 10,000 occurrence rate and is a completely sporadic condition. It is very rare and there is zero chance of survival. I will need to have D&C procedure on Tuesday morning. This is so frustrating because it had nothing to do with our genetics/chromosomes or either parent. It is just something that can happen during cell development, and we drew the short (extremely short) straw. The doctor stated that fortunately, it is also very unlikely that it would ever happen to us again.

    The doctors and nurses we worked with yesterday showed immense compassion towards Joe and I and we were thankful that we also had my sister Amanda with us to support us and help answer questions. Joe and I are both devastated and still trying to process and deal with the immense grief that accompanies loss. My doctor is very supportive (and kind), and she is encouraging me to take time off work to heal physically and mentally. I am going to take the next week off from teaching and work on doing some healing and grieving.

    This is a heartbreaking update to write, and Joe and I are thankful for every bit of support we have had along the way. We will take some time to heal, but we are committed to continuing our fertility journey and try IVF again. If you have any women you love in your life, please remember that abortion is not something that most women can/want to choose but it is sometimes what is needed to keep that woman safe and healthy. I feel very blessed to have a wonderful support system and Joe has been by my side every step of the way – he truly deserves an award for being the best husband.

    With love (and grief),
    Ashley & Joe

  • 12-12-2022

    Preparation for Round 2!

    Hello again!

    Thanks to your generous donations, we only have a small amount left to pay off for our first cycle! All costs considered, it is about $15k for one full cycle (excluding travel costs). We were completely blown away by the support we received from all of our friends and family when we went through such a hard loss this past fall. We are still healing emotionally but are ready to try again (timing is everything with aging). I had a procedure done last month (hysteroscopy) to prepare fully for our second IVF cycle that will begin mid-January. Unfortunately, we don’t have any embryos from our first cycle that we can use so we need to start the entire process over again at the egg retrieval stage. We are planning on freezing any viable embryos we get in January and will do the full PGT chromosomal testing before attempting implantation. We will schedule a frozen embryo transfer for March if all goes to plan. We will need to be in MN in mid-February for the next Hudak wedding – we are so thrilled for my brother Max and fiancé Kat! This means we will have a few upcoming trips to CO for both the egg retrieval and embryo transfer. We did consider another clinic here in MN but it was nearly $8-10k more than going again with CNY in Springs. I am in full preparation mode now with acupuncture, supplements, healthy eating, and trying my best to keep positive. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and we will be sure to update everyone on how our retrieval goes in January!

    xoxo, Ash, Joe, & Eleanor pup

  • 01-11-2023

    Round 2 – Here we go again!

    Hello all,

    Joe and I appreciate the friends and family that have reached out to check on us. It’s been a challenging time lately but we are looking forward to the future and the new year. We love each and every one of you and are so grateful.
    I officially had my baseline appointment for my next IVF cycle this morning and things are looking great! We will need to do another egg retrieval since we do not have any viable embryos. This means we go through the whole process again. I’ve been taking all my supplements and ordered all my medication for this round right before Christmas. The medication costs came in at $4,700 this time…yikes! But if all goes to plan, the overall costs will be similar to last round ($13k with travel). So, I am writing to you today in hopes of a little help. Please also feel free to share our story/post. Some have reached out about other ways to send funding and I do have a Paypal ( and Venmo (@Ashley-Hudak) if that makes things easier and fee free for people.

    We realize it is a big ask but we are so eager to start our family and have that little rainbow baby. I am going through my stims (stimulation) meds throughout the next week so hormones and emotions will be high, but a trip to CO to CNY is in our future soon and I am so happy about it.

    Ash & Joe

  • 01-22-2023

    Retrieval 2 - Colorado Bound

    Joe and I are leaving shortly for the airport. I have had my baseline and monitoring appointments (3!) to prepare for our next egg retrieval. Unfortunately, we don\'t have any usable embryos for our next transfer so, we are starting back at the beginning. I\'ve been prepping with all of the medications and shots and I\'m starting to feel like a bloated pincushion. However, both Joe and I are remaining positive and excited to see how the next round goes. My procedure will be tomorrow at 8:00 am in Colorado Springs at CNY. Our CO besties (love to the Morris fam) are graciously hosting us for the next few days. Additional medications this time brought the med total alone to $5,800…so, fingers crossed we get a good outcome! Thank you for all of your donations – it is making this whole process possible!

    Peace, love, & pineapples,
    Ash, Joe, & Eleanor

  • 03-14-2023

    Transfer #2 - Sticky vibes needed!

    Hello all,

    I have good news to share! Next week, Joe and I are headed to Colorado Springs for our 2nd embryo transfer. At this point we have one embryo with a decent rating that we are able to try and transfer. Unfortunately, we only had one good embryo from our last retrieval due to an issue with cryopreservation – apparently, some embryos aren’t able to survive the full freezing process. While we were a little disappointed, we do have hope in our little one. It only takes one to have a successful pregnancy! So, we are putting our hopes into this transfer before we attempt any other steps. We are going to go out on Monday (and stay with our dear friends, Chris and Katie) and have the transfer done on Tuesday morning. I am doing everything I can in the meantime to make it the most successful I can – lots of acupuncture, healthy eating, long walks, and rest. When I get to the clinic I will be able to do an IV transfusion of lipids that help aid in implantation, as well as two sessions of acupuncture at the clinic both pre and post transfer. All of these things should help with implantation! I began my medication protocol last week and increase the medications and injections this week. We are roughly $14k in debt at the moment for our second cycle and had to additionally spend another $1k on medications in preparation. That being said, we would be incredibly grateful for any amount you might be able to donate.

    Please also feel free to share our story/post with others. Some have reached out about other ways to send funding and I do have a Paypal ( and Venmo (@Ashley-Hudak) if that makes things easier.
    We are so thankful for all the love, support, and prayers we have already received! We need lots and lots of sticky vibes to help this little embryo stick around.

    With love,
    Ashley, Joe, and Eleanor (woof!)

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Sarah Bambenek $250.00 March 15, 2023
Lynne Bunde $50.00 March 15, 2023
Allison Gottwalt $1,000.00 March 15, 2023
Kate Kapellen Luka $50.00 February 11, 2023
Debra Hudak $100.00 January 27, 2023
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Ilan Klages-Mundt $50.00 May 27, 2022
Mandee Gordon $75.00 May 26, 2022
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Katie Storms $100.00 April 21, 2022
Tiffany Goedjen $25.00 April 20, 2022
Elizabeth Lewandowski $25.00 April 11, 2022
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Lindsay Thomas $40.00 April 05, 2022
Breanna Brasser $100.00 April 04, 2022
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Bella Maisel $25.00 March 31, 2022
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Sue&Gary Kruger $1,000.00 March 04, 2022
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Makeedra Hayes $50.00 March 01, 2022
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Beau Hudak $300.00 February 23, 2022
Cecelia Romanyshyn $50.00 February 21, 2022
Kristi Dugan $25.00 February 21, 2022
Alycia Fitterer $50.00 February 21, 2022
Melissa Bach $50.00 February 21, 2022
Anonymous $200.00 February 21, 2022
Macie Hanka $25.00 February 19, 2022
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Noelle Hudak $1,000.00 February 19, 2022
Nikki Mancino $250.00 February 19, 2022
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Tori Saja $100.00 February 18, 2022
Bommareddy Lakshmi $25.00 February 17, 2022
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Missy Madigan $25.00 February 17, 2022
Katie Caspers $15.00 February 17, 2022
Carol Snider $75.00 February 16, 2022
Anonymous $100.00 February 16, 2022
Sarah Hanson $100.00 February 16, 2022
Ruth and Andrew Haugen $100.00 February 16, 2022
Sarah Bambenek $250.00 February 16, 2022
Kris & Steve Midthun $25.00 February 16, 2022
Anita Wohlk $25.00 February 15, 2022
Anonymous $100.00 February 15, 2022
angie zangel $50.00 February 15, 2022
Max M Hudak $50.00 February 15, 2022
Shelby Schulz $25.00 February 15, 2022
Anonymous $100.00 February 15, 2022
Loralee DiLorenzo $26.00 February 15, 2022
NEIL LANDE $20.00 February 15, 2022
Kelsey German $200.00 February 15, 2022
Ruth Jensen $25.00 February 15, 2022
Lori Ringen-Poencet $20.00 February 15, 2022
Katie Kuisle $100.00 February 15, 2022
Anonymous $50.00 February 15, 2022
Chelsie Mancino $25.00 February 15, 2022
Kelly Barbes $50.00 February 15, 2022
Megan Weck $150.00 February 15, 2022
Amber Carlson $50.00 February 15, 2022
Tiana Christen $20.00 February 15, 2022
Keighly Hudak $50.00 February 15, 2022
Katie Morris $100.00 February 15, 2022
Jillian Phelps $50.00 February 15, 2022
Christa Reihl $25.00 February 15, 2022
Sophie Mancino $5.00 February 15, 2022
Lindsay Thomas $50.00 February 15, 2022
Erica King $50.00 February 15, 2022
Jenny Jossart $100.00 February 14, 2022
Carolyn Hanka $25.00 February 09, 2022
Benett Hanka $50.00 February 08, 2022
Abby Schmidt $100.00 February 05, 2022
Alexandra Stevenson $150.00 February 05, 2022
Stephanie Peterson $400.00 February 05, 2022
Molly Rancourt $500.00 February 04, 2022
Abigail Deignan $250.00 February 04, 2022
John Saja $150.00 February 04, 2022
Mickaela Grim $150.00 February 04, 2022
Amanda Rancourt $500.00 February 04, 2022
Kate Kapellen $100.00 February 04, 2022
Jane Saja $250.00 February 04, 2022
Mason Mahoney $100.00 February 04, 2022
Dianne Hanka $500.00 February 04, 2022
Maria Gottwalt $250.00 February 04, 2022
Lynne Bunde commented with a $50 donation about 1 week ago
Please look into Kyle and Samantha Busch bundle of joy fund. Praying for success!
joan moonen commented with a $100 donation about 3 months ago
Sending much love and positive thoughts your way, Stay strong. Love Joan, Ted and Kyle ❤
Anonymous commented with a $75 donation about 5 months ago
I saw your post on Facebook and wanted to send my thoughts and support. I had to terminate my first pregnancy at 15 weeks due to a rare genetic abnormality. It was a really hard time, and I’m sorry you’re in a similar position. Feel free to reach out if there’s any other support I can offer.
Sarah Bambenek commented with a $200 donation about 6 months ago
So sorry for your loss, hope you can try again soon. Sarah & Mike
Debra Hudak commented with a $300 donation about 6 months ago
Ashley & Joe, prayers and love to you in your sorrow and always.
Allison Gottwalt commented with a $500 donation about 8 months ago
Love you all!!
Anonymous commented with a $50 donation about 10 months ago
I know it not much, but hopefully it will help cover part of a bill. We keep you both in our thoughts all the time, hoping for little baby Kruger ❤️ … Alex & Nate
Mandee Gordon commented with a $75 donation about 10 months ago
You are amazing! You are worthy! You got this! Sending love and hope.
Pam Brambilla commented with a $100 donation about 12 months ago
Hugs, hope, happiness and prayers!! Love you both!
Anonymous commented with a $10 donation about 1 year ago
Sorry I can’t donate more. Love you guys.
Anne Bartow commented with a $180 donation about 1 year ago
From Anne, Mallory, Amanda, and Katie. WIshing you the best!
Anne Gottwalt commented with a $100 donation about 1 year ago
Thinking of you and sending you both love xxoo - Anne
Allison Gottwalt commented with a $500 donation about 1 year ago
I love you both so will make amazing parents and a beautiful family together ❤️
Maria Gottwalt commented with a $250 donation about 1 year ago
Joe & Ashley - hope this helps get you closer to your goal! 🙏
Abby Gallagher commented with a $100 donation about 1 year ago
The best cause I have ever donated to :)
Kate Blaser commented with a $200 donation about 1 year ago
Alycia Fitterer commented with a $50 donation about 1 year ago
Love you!
Macie Hanka commented with a $25 donation about 1 year ago
Happy birthday ;)
Noelle Hudak commented with a $1000 donation about 1 year ago
Noelle & Kip Hudak
Nikki Mancino commented with a $250 donation about 1 year ago
Love you guys ♥️
Tori Saja commented with a $100 donation about 1 year ago
Love you Ashley! Paul & Tori
Missy Madigan commented with a $25 donation about 1 year ago
Praying for you all!
Anonymous commented with a $100 donation about 1 year ago
I wish you guys the best in life!
Anita Wohlk commented with a $25 donation about 1 year ago
Ashley and Joe, Wishing you many blessings❤️ Love, Anita and Kevin
angie zangel commented with a $50 donation about 1 year ago
Shelby Schulz commented with a $25 donation about 1 year ago
Sending all the love and support
Kelsey German commented with a $200 donation about 1 year ago
Love you guys!
Megan Weck commented with a $150 donation about 1 year ago
Love you!!
Amber Carlson commented with a $50 donation about 1 year ago
I'm so sorry to hear you guys have been going through this. But so glad you shared and gave us all a chance to help. Love you and wish you all of the best with IVF!!
Lindsay Thomas commented with a $50 donation about 1 year ago
Praying for you!
Jenny Jossart commented with a $100 donation about 1 year ago
You're in our thoughts and prayers during this whole process J&A - xox
Molly Rancourt commented with a $500 donation about 1 year ago
We wish you all the best! We love you❤️
Mickaela Grim commented with a $150 donation about 1 year ago
Sending lots of love and prayers - Mick and Chris
Amanda Rancourt commented with a $500 donation about 1 year ago
We love you!
Dianne Hanka commented with a $500 donation about 1 year ago
Love you both ❤️
Maria Gottwalt commented with a $250 donation about 1 year ago
Ashley & Joe - our thoughts and prayers are with you on this journey. Love you both! 💜 Tom & Maria