Last chance for a miracle

West Hills, CA (US)
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Fertility Treatments

Last chance for a miracle

by Ashley Tocchet

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West Hills, CA (US)

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My name is Ashley, I’d like to share a chapter of my life that’s been both challenging and filled with hope. My fertility journey began in 2019 when I discovered I had a diminished egg reserve and low AMH at the age of 36. Little did I know, this revelation would set me on a path of resilience, testing the limits of my strength and determination.

I’ve undergone two emotionally taxing egg retrievals, resulting in just one viable embryo. Circumstances led my husband and I to delay the transfer until we could secure a home to grow our family. In April 2023, we took that leap, only to face the heartache of an unsuccessful attempt. The financial strain of our initial IVF cycles, a new mortgage, and compounded by my husband’s 8 month industry strike, has left us in a tighter spot than we ever could have imagined. We are both in creative industries with no financial aide for fertility treatment.

Infertility has been a profound shock to my system. Since a young age, I envisioned a life as a wife and mother. Yet, with each passing setback, the reality of that dream slipping away has cast a shadow on my spirit. The recent unsuccessful transfer sent me into a dark depression, questioning why a deep yearning for motherhood would be met with such adversity.

Navigating fertility treatments has been a tumultuous rollercoaster, one filled with hope and heartbreak. I’ve revamped my entire lifestyle, committing to dietary changes, minimizing chemical exposure, and prioritizing my overall health—all in the pursuit of increasing my chances for a healthy pregnancy. The gravity of the situation has made me more conscious than ever.

Though surrounded by friends and family who want to support, the journey feels isolating. As everyone around me welcomes bundles of joy, I grapple with the weight of unfulfilled dreams. Even my sister, who underwent her own IVF journey, is expecting twins. Their happiness, while celebrated, serves as a stark reminder of the hurdles we face.

What I want you to know is that despite the challenges, I am healthy, active, and ready to embrace motherhood with open arms. As a professional dancer, my life is infused with creativity, discipline, and love. Our home is filled with warmth, waiting to cradle the laughter of a child.

Today, I’m reaching out for your support as we try one last time to have a child of our own. Financially, we find ourselves in a tight spot, and now that I am 41 my window of opportunity is rapidly closing. Every contribution brings us one step closer to the possibility of fulfilling our dream—creating a loving home for a child who will be cherished beyond measure.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my story.

With gratitude,
Ashley Tocchet

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