Made With Love – Gabby & Julia’s Reciprocal IVF

Surrey, British Columbia (CA)
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Made With Love – Gabby & Julia’s Reciprocal IVF

by Gabriella Malta

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Surrey, British Columbia (CA)

Gabriella Malta is organizing this fundraiser.

Campaign Story

Our story started in Brazil, 8 years ago, when our lives were changed by fate. Our connection, partnership and love are what keep supporting us to overcome obstacles and prejudices that surrounded us. Since then, we have been fighting countless taboos and homophobic environments to ensure we can be valued, respected and recognized as a family.

In 2017, we decided to leave everything behind to start a new life in Canada. We hustled a lot, worked extra hours and sold everything we had to give our little family a chance to be in a country where we could be safer and free to be authentically who we are.

Little did we know that another fight was waiting for us right here, in British Columbia. Even after researching deeply about fertility treatments in Canada to understand all the affordable options, back then, we didn’t realize the Medical Service Plan in BC (and the health insurance extension provided by companies) would not cover fertility treatments.

In Canada, only 4 of 10 provinces cover various treatment costs like IVF, and unfortunately, BC is not one of them.

Our big dream is to have a reciprocal IVF (in vitro fertilization), but we know that things can get tricky since Gabby had polycystic ovaries and it’s not clear yet if we can make it with only one IVF cycle.

For that reason, we are asking you for support on this path by donating to our fundraising. We are seeking assistance for possible IVF or other fertility treatments + unexpected costs.

We would be honoured if you could help us.

Any amount would be the world for us!

We can’t wait to finally start our long-awaited family and truly experience the gift of motherhood.

< Love always wins. >


We had to set a goal to start the campaign, so we calculated it based on Olive’s prices.

•  IVF – Base cycle (includes orientation, egg retrieval, blastocyst culture, and fresh embryo transfer) – $8,500

•  IVF medications – Estimated $5,000-$9,000 (part of it can be covered by extended benefits)

•  ICSI procedure – $1,600 (only if needed)

•  Embryo freezing – $700


Do you want to know more about Reciprocal IVF and fertility treatments for LGBTQ+ in Surrey/BC?

Olive – Pricing

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Lenio Figueiredo $100.00 June 21, 2022