Making Baby G with IVF

Grand Rapids, MI (US)
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Making Baby G with IVF

by Pamela Glover

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Grand Rapids, MI (US)

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“Why her and not me?” I hate that when I see an announcement this crosses my mind 😔 I want to be happy for her, I try to be happy for her but it’s hard sometimes… I don’t want to take away from what she has; I just sometimes wonder why it hasn’t been me. This journey is hard sometimes but I can’t forget that we all want the same thing 🙂

Hi! So for many of you this might be a little of a surprise to see and learn that for most of our marriage we have been on an IVF journey with our goal to add a little blessing to our family 🥰

After we got married we were already a family of three ☺️ as Adam had a daughter from a previous relationship whom I have grown to love as my own. Megan is now in her early 20’s and moved out on her own after we got married. When she decided to live on her own we started talking about have our own child and decided we wanted to check out our options… so we made our first appointment with the fertility Doctor back in July 2020. As many know Adam thought he was done having kids and in his early 30’s so he made the decision to get a vasectomy. (Little did he know God had different plans for him in his heart after he met me) At our first meeting with Dr. Shavell @ The Fertility Center she suggested we should talk to his urologist about trying for a reversal. After meeting with his Doctor that did his vasectomy many years ago, he told us we would have less then 50% success rate and, in his opinion, it wouldn’t be in our best option with our age and how far out his vasectomy was. We opted to continue on with IVF and now we are coming up on two years into our journey. Adam had a TESE procedure done in May 2021 and we also have done two egg retrievals in 2021. After our first retrieval we decided to do a fresh transfer and ended up loosing our two fresh embryos in July 2021 to a chemical pregnancy. In Dec 2021 we did another egg retrieval and decided to PGT testing the one embryo that made it to the blast stage. Unfortunately we were told our baby boy embryo had abnormal chromosomes and we were unable to transfer. So after lots of praying and talking it over we decided on continuing on doing a back to back egg retrieval package for 2022. In April, we had our third egg retrieval and just recently found out none of our embryos survived long enough to make it to the blast stage. So many emotions and whys?! We have one more egg retrieval planned with many questions on how to make this round be better than our past ones. Our hope is that we will end up with a couple beautiful Embabies with a transfer later in 2022!! So here’s to our fourth time being our lucky charm!! 🍀 🙏🏼🤞🏼🧡