Making Baby Sutherland

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Making Baby Sutherland

by Ashley Sutherland

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tarawa terrace , nc (US)

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Those of you that know us already know we’ve been struggling for 4 years. Due to my PCOS it made our journey on being parents difficult. When I got diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and they found a mass, our whole world shattered. From miscarriages to surgeries to improve my health, we have been through a lot.
After so long i’m finally getting better but, with all good things come a price. Two months ago I was diagnosed with bilateral Hydrosalpinx. Meaning my tubes are both fully blocked and filled with toxic fluid. You would think with all the Dr visits they would have seen this earlier but thanks to a specific HSG exam they were able to see it clear as day. They believe this is also the reason why Zach and I lost our son at 27 weeks early in our relationship. The fluid is extremely toxic to the uterus and to a fetus if it leaks. Leaving me no choice now but to have both of my tubes removed. What was beginning to seem like a light at the end of the tunnel turned into a bigger delay in our dream of having our own baby. Removing my tubes leaves me with no choice but to do IVF. A extremely scary process I never in my life imagined i’d be going through. I am creating this just as a way for friends and family to chip in with the costs/expenses if they would like <3


* A lot of people have called me selfish for wanting a baby and saying that I should not have more and appreciate that I have my daughter and son. So let me make this very clear for those being rude. I was 13 when I got pregnant with my daughter. I was 17 when I had my son. Both pregnancies I was miserable and depressed. I had no baby showers and wasn’t able to enjoy the life I was creating. Obviously both fathers were not involved so I was alone. I had two babies when I was just a baby myself and I had no one by my side. Ive gone through rough relationships and pain when all I wanted was for happiness and a family, a happy family. Zach and I have had multiple miscarriages and one still born birth. Zach is the most amazing husband and father to my son. When I was pregnant he treated me like a princess and made me genuinely happy. He is my person. I want to have a blessing with my person. I am extremely grateful for my two children because I know there is some women out there struggling with infertility that don’t have any kids. My two kids are my life. But please don’t let that cloud judgment and give you a reason to belittle me and disregard my feelings or choices. I deserve to be happy. I have the right to be just as sad and angry about my struggles with infertility.

I am praying and hoping that one day my husband and I can create a life together and hold our baby in our arms. All I ask is that you send us nothing but love and positivity in our journey <3


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Prayers for you .