Marianne & Alexander IVF Fund

Sterling Heights, MI (US)
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Marianne & Alexander IVF Fund

by Marianne LaBrash

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Sterling Heights, MI (US)

Marianne LaBrash is organizing this fundraiser.

Campaign Story

Hi, my name is Marianne. My husband Alex and I have been trying to conceive for a while now, I was diagnosed with PCOS and hypothyroidism, and Alex deals with male factor infertility. It’s been a journey to conceive, with no end in sight. PCOS causes cysts on the ovaries, insulin resistance, and infertility, unfortunately I deal with all 3. There has been so many medications, failed fertility treatments/cycles, procedures, doctors appointments, bloodwork and more that I’ve had to endure these last 9 months.. We started fertility treatments in September of 2021 and everything so far has been unsuccessful. We have talked about having a family since we started dating, we both knew what we wanted for our futures. Recently, we both had genetic testing done, although rare, both of us carry the same gene called Steroid Resistant Nephrotic Syndrome. To ensure our future children don’t receive this gene, IVF can do genetic testing on the embryos to ensure we don’t pass down this gene, that can cause our children to have kidney problems and a future kidney transplant. Since we have been trying so long, and now that we received this news, we decided to go forth with IVF. Having a fundraiser to help grow our family is probably the last thing I ever saw myself doing, but we would love nothing more than to start a family. We have received so much love and support from family and friends, and we don’t expect anything, but IVF is very expensive.. We appreciate anything, even $5 makes a difference, or a share of our story. Thank you, we couldn’t have gone through this without all the love and support we have received so far. 💛

Name Donation Date
Ashley Sikora $20.00 June 28, 2022
Sarah + Lindsey Yoakum $20.00 June 26, 2022
Haley Paperd $15.00 June 23, 2022
Elizabeth Wynne $10.00 June 23, 2022
Janna Salimovic $25.00 June 22, 2022
Bethany Henk $100.00 June 22, 2022
Ashley Dunaj $25.00 June 22, 2022
Ally Estes $5.00 June 22, 2022
Jessy Polansky $10.00 June 22, 2022
Scott LaBrash $100.00 June 21, 2022
Savannah Harpster $10.00 June 21, 2022
Kelsey Missinne $20.00 June 21, 2022
Danelle Coldicott $20.00 June 21, 2022
Anonymous $5.00 June 21, 2022
Mackenzie Bryant $20.00 June 21, 2022
Nicole Sharon $10.00 June 21, 2022
Brooke Donato $10.00 June 21, 2022
Anonymous $10.00 June 21, 2022
Kara Braniecki $10.00 June 21, 2022
Karly Chasney $50.00 June 21, 2022
Nick Tench $100.00 June 21, 2022
Alyssa Sokolowski $20.00 June 21, 2022
Mary Barone $50.00 June 21, 2022
Sarah + Lindsey Yoakum commented with a $20 donation about 2 days ago
You two are going to be amazing parents and have the most beautiful babies <3 I know everything going on must be weighing extra hard on you. We're sending you so much love.
Elizabeth Wynne commented with a $10 donation about 6 days ago
You deserve to have a family. You have talked about this since we were teenagers. You would make the most perfect mom. You have been through so much. You are so resilient and strong. I hope the best for you and Alex!!! You will always have a place in my heart Marianne! I love you!
Janna Salimovic commented with a $25 donation about 6 days ago
Sending lots of love your way! ♥️
Bethany Henk commented with a $100 donation about 6 days ago
Praying for you and your husband, Alex.
Ally Estes commented with a $5 donation about 7 days ago
I’m a stranger and I know it’s only $5 but I love having a child and I want you to know the same amazing feeling! Good luck to you guys I wish you the best! Xoxo
Scott LaBrash commented with a $100 donation about 1 week ago
We love and support you guys!! Love Christine and Scotty
Danelle Coldicott commented with a $20 donation about 1 week ago
We will be praying for both of you during your journey 🙏🏻 If you ever just need to talk or cry we are just around the corner.
Nicole Sharon commented with a $10 donation about 1 week ago
I love you guys so much and I’m praying for you and your future family❤️
Karly Chasney commented with a $50 donation about 1 week ago
Love you guys!! Xoxo
Alyssa Sokolowski commented with a $20 donation about 1 week ago
Baby dust