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East Point , Ga (US)
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Mommy me

by Eboni Strickland

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East Point , Ga (US)

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My name is Eboni Strickland recently diagnosed with Endometrial Hyperplasia with atypical. Which is a fancy name for pre-cancer in my uterine lining. Sadly I discovered this on my journey to fertility.
My late 20’s I was diagnosed with PCOS, a hormone imbalance. My cycles were never normal but the past few years they were never ending. I would go to the hospital and was given birth control, which made it worse every single time. Wearing 2 over night pads was my normalcy. Scared to go places not knowing if I stood up this would be the time I mess my clothes. I would pass clots so big, it once had me believing I was having a miscarriage. Scary!!
One day I saw a commercial of a woman speaking of similar situations caused by forbids. I decided to mention it at the appointment coming up with the OBGYN. I was referred to a hormonal specialist as well as the fertility clinic. Having PCOS made fertility hard. Everything started moving fast. Test after test including an ultra sound. I did not have fibroids but was advised to take a biopsy. The following week was my first fertility appointment, so excited I would literally count down the days. My appointment was Friday, Monday my results were in and boy was that not the phone call I wanted. “Ms. Strickland, I have canceled your appointment to the clinic, at this time pregnancy isn’t the best option for you and your health.” I am estrogen dominate which caused the overgrowth of cells. In 4 stages, I was at the final stage. Instantly I began to cry as she suggested a hysterectomy. My life felt like it was crushed in an instant. HYSTER WHAT?!?! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I have had the chance to start a family.
I have decided to delay that procedure. I have spoken with my cancer doctor and was advised of all the risk with prolonging the procedure. A D&C has been performed, IUD implanted and I have contributed with a complete diet change. I have no more than 2 to 3 years before my condition progresses into cancer. With pregnancy most likely to progress quicker.  The hysterectomy is happening regardless it’s more so a matter of when. My doctor advised if I seek pregnancy, it needs to happens now! He will monitor me every 6 months and will support me throughout.
If it wasn’t for me seeking support, I would not believe that other women were going through the same. A mirrored image of my current living or not living depending on how you look at it. Help me bring awareness to infertility. PCOS needs more attention, and we need each other!

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