I want to be a mom more than anything! Please help

Anderson, IN (US)
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I want to be a mom more than anything! Please help

by Tasha Fairfield

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Anderson, IN (US)

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My name is Tasha and my significant others name is Adam. We would love to have the chance to become parents. When I was young, I always had this feeling  I could not have children. My parents were not able to provide me any kind of healthcare growing up. So I had conditions that went unnoticed and untreated for many years. Throughout my twenties I rarely ever had a period and due to sexual assault I endured as a child would not go to the gynecologist. Even after therapy and becoming a nurse myself. I just told myself that God must know what he’s doing and if he wanted me to be a mom I would be. Years and years of heartbreak. I felt that I didn’t have a purpose.

In 2013, at 30 years old, I finally started going to the doctor. Looking back I have so many regrets. First and foremost a second opinion. This doctor diagnosed me with PCOS after a transvaginal ultrasound. Due to the condition of my ovaries said it would be unlikely I would able to release a mature egg and that was the likely cause of my infertility. Unable to afford further testing at the time, I began accepting the fact that what I always felt was true. I devoted myself to my residents. I work in a skilled nursing home taking care of the elderly. Often when getting to know new residents they would ask me about my children. I started telling them and eventually truly believed it myself that God did not want me to have children so that I had more time to care of them.

In July 2022, at 39 years old, I discovered I was pregnant only to miscarry days later. This came as complete surprise obviously. I had finally made peace with the fact the I was not going to get to be a mother. So when the pregnany happened I was completely shocked. It was very hard losing the pregnancy but it did give me courage and renewed hope that my previous doctor was wrong. I made an appointment with a new doctor and was happy to hear she did not come to the same conclusion the previous doctor did.

January 20, 2023, after rounds of medications and treaments, I again had a positive pregnancy result. I was over the moon with joy. At first ultrasound on 2/10/23, I had a viable 6 week embryo with a heart beat. However, on February 14, 2023 i returned to clinic due to bleeding. This ultrasound revealed the embryo was no longer viable as they could no longer find a heart beat. So, I am currently in the process of my 2nd miscarriage. I can’t describe the sorrow I feel. I want to try again but I will need a specialist to determine why I am losing the pregnancies. I am going to Midwest Fertility Specialist to try again, this is where any donations will go to. Due to my age (now 40), I do not have much time to wait. If you donate please know that you will be giving me more than money. You would be giving me a chance to be a mom and have a purpose. There would be no words could ever express the gratitude Adam and I would feel.