New Beginnings

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Fertility Meds

New Beginnings

by Asha Rashidi

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Arlington , Tx (US)

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Hello, my name is Asha and I’m 32 years old, and like many women in this world I suffer from endometriosis. Although this is painful at times, and often causes infertility it is very common among women. However, I’ve been blessed to have a son, Jayden who is now 14 and always been a single child. My husband Kelvin ( Jaydens Stepfather since 4) and I had been together 10 years solid before he passed away Thanksgiving 2020 from colon cancer, he was 43. I was never fortunate enough to have any of my own children with him and that hurt just as bad has him being gone. I didn’t think I’d ever get over that pain or guilt but as agonizing as that was I knew something beautiful and purposeful remains for Jayden and I. In August of 2021 after the anniversary of my husbands birthday I ran into an old friend I knew growing up and we had great history as he always always had a huge crush on me. Long story short when the funeral was over and everyone was done grieving when everyone was done being supportive and when no one was around to comfort a mourning widow he was there to lean on to cry with to listen to me reminisce until one day I was able to move on seeing the new blessing right in front of me. Oddly and beautifully he has so many similarities as Kelvin, only a younger version now more spiritually inclined. Needless to say, he has been so amazing & I owe that and all that I have and am to The Most High power. He asked me to marry him and of course I said yes, I’m sooo elated. He has no children and he’s such a great man that I’d hate too not be able too continue his and our legacy in this world. I love him so much and he loves me, so receiving this treatment would mean so much to us both and all involved would greatly be answering a beauty-full women’s mother, and wife’s deepest prayer, to bear and nurture our child together.