Our first baby together , my rainbow baby

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Our first baby together , my rainbow baby

by Guadalupe Gonzalez

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Baldwin Park, CA (US)

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My name is Guadalupe Gonzalez (24) and my Fiancee is James A Teter(31). We originally met on Nov.12,2020 6 days after I was hit by a car walking home. I broke 4 parts of my body (my right femur, knee, my forearm,and my pelvic),doctors said it was a miracle I woke up from my coma one more day and they would have unplugged me from life support … it was a hit and run we still don’t know who it was who hit me. Sadly I didn’t think I was going to be able to walk until Nov.17,2020 when I started dating him for the first time. Although he was going through a rough patch being incarcerated and all he still continued to motivate me to get up and not give up until his motivation and hope succeeded and I began to walk. We split up September/August 2021 and didn’t speak until July 2022 by that time I had already lost my baby on January 1st due to physical abuse from my ex. We rejoiced and started over and started dating once again July 28,2022 the day we finally met in person and one thing lead to another and we fell in love. We are currently battling a horrible legal matter that can put him away for life and we never got a chance to give it a try on having children and that is our wish since neither of us have children at the moment. He is constantly harassed by the city’s police department, not only is it him being harassed but his whole entire family as well. I believe he deserves to at least get to have some sort of happiness and what is better than a little angel given to us from god. Please take in consideration our struggle as a couple to be together physically since conjugal visit aren’t an option for us since we can’t afford to be married legally but by heart we are. Nothing would make us complete other than having a little angel of our own. Anything will help I’m currently trying to find a way to be artificially inseminated by him while he is in custody in la county.In final consideration during our struggles prior and at the moment we still hang on strong and hope to have our life dream of becoming parents dispite of the current situation we are in we know we will be the best parents for our child no matter what. So please find it in your hearts to make our dreams in having our first child together and my rainbow baby come true , God blesses those who bless. Thank you for your time in reading this have a wonderful day and smile only you have control of your happiness don’t be afraid to ask for help. Thank once again. God bless you and your loved ones.