Our first child

Royse City , TX (US)
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Our first child

by Lashanda Robles

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Royse City , TX (US)

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My name is Lashanda and I have PCOS. I am going on 29 soon, married to Francisco, and working towards a bachelor’s degree. We came to this website because we need help having our first child. As a little girl watching my mother take care of 5 kids on her own, I knew I will be a mother one day. I’ve prayed that when I do I will be a strong mother as her. She passed away when I was 11 and lived with my brother. After high school I’ve decided to move to Texas and that when I found my husband. Francisco is a hard working man, he will never miss a day. He is a Renaissance man
and very supportive of the things I do and I am blessed to have him by my side. We need help having our first child. We have been trying for 3 years. The money will go to our IVF treatment, praying that the treatment will be a success. We shall soon have our bundle of joy. Thank you!

About PCOS:
Many may know what it stands for but for those who do not PCOS is Polycystic ovary syndrome. This is a problem with hormones that happens during the reproductive years. With PCOS, many small sacs of fluid develop along the outer edge of the ovary. These are called cysts. The small fluid-filled cysts contain immature eggs. These are called follicles. The follicles fail to regularly release eggs. The exact cause of PCOS is unknown. Early diagnosis and treatment along with weight loss may lower the risk of long-term complications such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.