Ivf to help have Our little blessing

Lancaster, PA (US)
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Ivf to help have Our little blessing

by Kiara Feliciano

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Lancaster, PA (US)

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Campaign Story

Hey everyone, my name is Kiara and I’m reaching out to you with hopeful heart and a dream to complete my family.
This is really the first time coming out to the public for help. I feel a little uncomfortable, but someone once told me it takes a village and I’m hoping my village can help make this possible for us.
I’ve been with my current partner for years now and our heart has been heavy after our miscarriage.
The loss of a child in any form puts you in depression.
My partner and I have been trying to have a baby, for 2 years now. I had a tubal pregnancy. I was sick I had (fallopian tube cancer) my tubes were damaged, resulting into having them removed.
Having a baby naturally is not possible anymore.
My doctor said our only option is IVF.
As many of you know, IVF is an expensive process. The cost associated with IVF, including consultations medication’s, and the procedure itself can be overwhelming.
This financial burden has been a major obstacle for us.
Here’s the breakdown !!!!
Supplements before starting a cycle: $200 Medication for each cycle :$4,500
Ultrasound several: (per cycle $200
each Blood test :$150 PGT testing :$200 per embryo (Hopefully several embryos per cycle)
ICSI :$2000
Semen freeze and storage: $700 annually
FDA required seven day testing :$680
Anesthesia: $500
IVF. Procedure :$15,950
Pretesting 1,670
We are reaching out, not only for financial, but also your emotional support.
We are grateful that you’ve taken the time to read our story..
My fiancé always wanted to be a father I’m just sad I can’t do nothing without ifv help .but That option was taking away from me, but I know with your help it can be possible to add one more piece of the puzzle to make our family complete.
Your contribution, whether big or small would be an investment in our dream to make into reality and a promise to keep you updated on our journey step-by-step of the way thank you for being a part of our journey, and we pray that our village will stand by us friends ,family I appreciate any help but if you can’t donate that’s ok but please share and post