Pcos awareness‼️?????

Glen burnie , Maryland (US)
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Pcos awareness‼️?????

by Angelique Williams

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Glen burnie , Maryland (US)

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Hi my name is Angelique, and I have polycystic ovarian syndrome/disease (pcos) and endometriosis common health condition in women where tissues grow outside of the uterus causing pain and, often, infertility. Endo affects more than 11% of American women between 15 and 44. My partner and I tried to get pregnant for the last decade. Infertility has got to be one of the worst symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). When I found out that I had PCOS at 18 years old, I never knew the doctors failed to tell me that at the age of 16 I was diagnosed. I was asked “no one told you you have PCOS?” and of course I didn’t know what it was, so i asked “What is that?” and she told me “PolyCystic Ovarian Disease.” So after she left I thought about her saying the word disease, I took my phone out and googled PCOS. I found out the correct term is PCOS for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome a Chronic Endocrine that affects women hormonal imbalances which leads to ovarian cyst, I was scrolling through the symptoms and what word stood out the most was Infertility and I broke down. I went home with a redish/pink face from crying, I went straight to my room and didn’t come out. I shut down completely, I’d get text, calls, and I wouldn’t want to be bothered, I was in the dark everyday because at this point depression kicked in (I never knew what that was, I’d cried myself to sleep every day and night because the one thing I always wanted to be was become a mother.) When I woke up my face was swollen from crying so much, I continued to do my research after I cleaned my face because I had to try nd shake it off. I found out more things on my own because I was never told by doctors. I also stood in a depressive mood for years, I was completely ashamed with myself, I felt less of a woman. I couldn’t come out pregnant & every person I knew was becoming pregnant w| their first child, then second, then third and I’m like when’s my turn? When will I have that moment? That moment to have one to call my own? I’m happy for them but, sad for me.. As I did more research, I read about ladies who suffer from my condition & having their miracle babies or becoming pregnant nd not being able to carry full term. It hurts like hell but I believe everything happens for a reason. I feel ready but God, he’s holding me back because he knows I’m not. He’s writing my story & for that I am patient. So with that being said, women who suffer from infertility; I may not have my own yet but i know God is going to bless me someday, dream family ‼️???
I am asking you to help us please on this new path by donating to our fundraiser. We are seeking assistance with the financial burden of surrogacy, and we would be honored if you could help. Even $5 would mean the world to us and help me fight for our future family. Thank you for reading‼️?????‍?‍?????????????
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