Please help our dreams come to life!

Lebanon, TN (US)
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Fertility Treatments

Please help our dreams come to life!

by Janet E.

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Lebanon, TN (US)

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My name is Janet, my husband and I have been married for over 10 years and have been TTC for 6 years with no success. We sought out assistance about a year and a half ago and were diagnosed with infertility. In the process of all of this we also found out we both carry a rare blood clotting disorder (Factor V Leiden) which was another blow after the infertility diagnosis! The only option we have to get pregnant is IVF. In our state, Tennessee, it’s not required for insurance to cover/offer Fertility benefits. My employer does not offer any type of benefit either, insurance nor Fertility benefits. Here IVF is very expensive, over $25,000! We’re just normal regular people and that is a lot of money. We made a difficult decision to use our whole lifes savings and try for this. We had to try at 5 cycles; going to appointments, getting blood work, starting hormone injection medications, all of that, before we were able to move on to the next step (because i kept having ovary issues). Because of my blood clot disorder, they would not put me on a medication to prevent the issues I was having which were preventing us from moving to the next step! We finally made it to egg retrieval and we got 13 eggs! We thought that was a good number at the time. We were nervous and excited! Well, over the next week, egg maturity, fertilization, and survival to blastocyst- results were in. We had 3 eggs make it to blast stage. We sent off for PGT testing to check chromosome abnormalities and..sad news…we get 1 normal embryo. We’re devastated! This is our dream- to have a baby! We’re so thankful for this 1 embryo. It could work, but it also could not work. The Dr recommends that we get some uterine lining tests done to be sure we have no other issues and to have the best success possible – since we only have 1 embryo. But the Dr recommended that we go through another retrieval (more medications, more appointments, blood work, retrieval, anesthesia, everything! ). We cannot afford this. And especially because our insurance doesn’t cover any Fertility treatments or medications. Also, these additional recommended tests are not covered by insurance and can be around $1,500 – $2,000 total for both of them. For the transfer were looking at another $4-$6k – between medications and the procedure of transferring the embryo. Since we had to start and cancel the cycle so many times and re-order medications – were out of savings 😭. We have sold many things, cut bills back – to try and save money for this. This is not something easy for us to do – ask for help – but this is our dream to have a family. And we are kindly asking for any help πŸ™ 😊