Praying for a McCurdy Miracle

Centralia, MO (US)
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Fertility Treatments

Praying for a McCurdy Miracle

by Monica McCurdy

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Centralia, MO (US)

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Campaign Story

Seth and I met in January of 2017 and got married in December of 2017. We have 3 fur babies, Zira, Hercules, & Cooper. We knew when we got married I could have some infertility issues due to some hereditary infertility in my family. A couple months after we got married we went to a specialist because we knew the chances we would take & honestly I knew my body wasn’t working properly when it came to my hormonal issues. We went to our first appointment as newly weds it was scary and we didn’t know what to expect. We went through some blood work and testing and was told to take some oral medication- when we left we were checking out and all I remember is how much we had to pay just for that first visit. We talked on the way home and decided maybe financially we weren’t ready for this as newly weds but knowing how much we wanted a baby still weighed so heavy on our heart. We thought we would just not think about it and it would happen. I can’t tell you how hard that is when this is something you long for. You pray daily for. Over the last 5 years we have been doing on and off fertility treatments. We have done iui -the medications shots you name it. This year we both agreed that we were ready to start this journey. Seeing an infertility doctor and treatments is not covered by insurance and we are responsible for 100% of the cost out of pocket. Just for a consultation and basic labs we paid $350 out of pocket for our fertility costs. This is so financially draining and hard. We hate to even look at the cost of all this because our love for a child of our own has grown every day & obviously we want this so bad it’s insane the dollar amount and money and shame we have put on ourselves because honestly the money is what is holding us back. We long to be parents. We want to experience what all our friends have and have that joy of having our own child. Earlier this year we spoke to our doctors and they told us my body has a little bit of scar tissue from a surgery I had as an infant and that IVF may be the only way to conceive a child of our own. This hit hard. We have had so many friends that have done IVF but we were hoping and praying we would never be that couple that would have to do it. No one does. But after much thought prayer and putting our pride aside we have decided we are both 100% in. We’ve had so many people reach out to us and say hey let us know how we can help. This is so exciting and of course we are nervous as well. This is a HUGE step for us but we know that this is our way. We have went back and forth so much of opening up and asking for help but this is what we need to do to make this happen. We have so many amazing friends & family & people in our life that have been our cheerleaders and said go for it! We didn’t want people to shame us we didn’t want to be those people who felt like people thought we were desperate. But honestly this is our last resort for our hopeful little family. Thanks for being here and taking the time to read our story. Seth and I are so blessed & thankful to have so many positive people in our lives like you. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.
We need the support emotionally, financially, and spiritually. Pray for us if we don’t post an update daily please know we may be going through something we aren’t ready to talk about yet- but we are here and we are giving this our best shot!
We are praying and know God has his hand in all this. Our procedure will cost 15k-20k. On top of IVF my medication will be 7k-10k. We will be seeing our doctor at Arbor Fertility in Columbia, MO/St. Peters!
We love you guys so much!

Seth & Monica