PRAYING that the Lord allows me to convince !

Abbeville, Sc (US)
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Fertility Treatments

PRAYING that the Lord allows me to convince !

by Sherry Neeley

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Abbeville, Sc (US)

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My name is Sherry , I am 29 years old and live in South carolina. I was pregnant with a little girl at 6 months into the pregnancy and had got into a fatal car wreck because of another driver who was under the influence of drugs and had to have many major surgeries done because of the severity of the impact. I was going around 50 -60 mph down the hwy and was ran off the road due to the other driver being completely on my side of the road….i swerved trying to avoid where their were dozens & dozens of mobile homes at on the other side of the road & hit a steel pole head on in the process i had to be cutt out of the car woke up in the hospital and was told my baby was gone & they had to give me an emergency DNC / & they had cut me open in order to of course remove her little tiny body my stomach 😭😭😭😭 it was the most tragic devastating nightmare id ever gone threw B4 in my entire life !!!!! It felt as if my soul had been snatched out of my body it kilt me !!!! I wanted her so bad!!!! I had already fallen completely & totally in love with her the bond was something I could never begin to describe it was incredible only for sumthing so bad and awful to happen losing her …..I wanted to be a mother so bad ….then as a result I was told I may not be able to to conceive on my own as a result and I have tried for years everything I could possibly try!! I began saving money to pay for a sperm implantation procedure and after 2 years of savings I finally reached close to $3500 only to have someone break in and steal every dime I had! I wasn’t going to do this because i have always tried to be as independent as I can be and working earning my living & doing it the correct and honest way on my own instead of asking 4 help from anyone else I don’t like being a burden on anyone else or asking 4 money but I’m at a point in my life where things have been very difficult 4 me because I have been on my own since the last & only family member I had passed away last year so if there is someone who reads this out there that does find they have a little empathy in their hearts 4 me regarding my circumstances I would appreciate it more than u could ever imagine and if your a spiritual person like I am u’ll know that the Lord will bless u for helping someone in need like i am today ….ull know that u are giving me hope and possibly another precious being that gives me that much more reason to live …..another family is what u could be giving me … that I’m no longer alone in the world … i pray to u jesus christ to bless me with this gift if u will for it to be so….even if its $5 it helps me tremendously because i plan to keep this fundraiser up for up to 6 months if i get any donations that is…..that way by then i have saved up a good bit to finally accomplish this mission im on to do this ! I don’t have anyone anymore to help me with anything at all literally Anymore all my old friends turned out to be addicted to drugs and into trouble taking everything to the extremes in their lives which left me with only one choice which was to leave all of them in their ways & moving far away to keep myself from following that same path ….of destruction & death …. which is very sad ….it is life though right? IV had to learn……but IV had my family ….up until last year when my father passed away from lung cancer which was the only person I had left thats actually blood family. So my point being is that you have no clue what ur donation means to me because u are helping me create another family …one of my own that keeps me from being alone in life possibly again …I have always believed in the Lord and follow Jesus Christ always will no matter what happens! I believe with every inch of my being he will bless me with this gift & as u read my story / situation or circumstances here …..I pray that he moves ur heart in a way that creates the empathy that u are able to feel in ur heart how intense the need to make this happen actually is & how great the urge is to feel that feeling again ,, to become a now mother ,, to feel that precious little bitty sweet baby growing inside of my belly πŸ™‚ I HOPE U WILL FIND IT IN UR HEART TO HELP ME TRY TO GET CLOSER TO WHERE I NEED TO BE AT IN ORDER TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN …..IT DOESNT MATTER HOW SMALL THE AMOUNT OF DONATION IS …ANYTHING IS ENOUGH AND HELPS BECAUSE IT ALL ADDS UP …. so thank you to all who are people of the Lord ….even if u believe in God or don’t ….I say that still because it means you care about another person ….shows that u like very few these days , you actually have empathy found in ur hearts and care about helping someone other than yourselves which I value and respect very greatly . I am a person who HAS MY ENTIRE LIFE ….LOVES & THRIVES OFF HELPING OTHER PPL because ….if I can help just to make sum1 elses life that much easier than I will do it or can help make them happy instead of watching them feel hurt or pain if I possibly could …..I have a heart that is not of this world 4 certain ….i have always possessed a gift that I have always been extremely sensitive to other ppls emotions & feelings meaning that I have a way that its almost as if i can literally feel another persons pain just like it is I that is experiencing whatever is happening has happend. Just like it’s me !! It’s that intense & powerful 99.9% of the time!! I can feel what others can feel as if it’s myself ….which has always helped me understand ppl better and empathize so much better as a person I’m not materialistic either I don’t care about money or anything a person may have because that’s not what makes life worth living in the end ……Im not saying I’m perfect because I have many of my own problems just as well as the next person of course ….IV been threw hell in life & faced many demons along the way in my younger years the most but today I have totally changed my entire life around & am proud of myself & the person i am now … I am a person with principals ,values, integrity,humbleness,loyalty, who’s VERY RESPECTFUL N VALUES THAT TREMENDOUSLY above all else ,, I’m trustworthy ,honest ,caring and ready to try to be a great mother again to take back my motherhood which was stolen from me by the devil in that wreck!!!!!! I plan to keep this up for a few months in order to be able to come up with as much as I can to put towards any donations I may get blessed with on here so I’m going to have hope…..hope that someone will try to help me even if it’s very small amounts because it adds up n helps it really does thank y’all so much & pray that the Lord blessed u in the most kind & loving way he possibly can !! IF I CAN MAKE IT TO AT LEAST 3500 I KNOW I WILL BE ABLE TO FINALLY ACCOMPLISH THIS ….because I should be able to throw in another couple grand around tax time and shortly after schedule this to be done and pray it takes the 1st time around πŸ™‚ there’s not many ppl out there in the world anymore who cares these days theyve grown cold …..that’s why if u are the ones to make this donation I know it’s proof u aren’t like the rest or people of the world ……thanks y’all !

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