Preserving my hopes to be a mother

Chicago, IL (US)
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Egg Preservation

Preserving my hopes to be a mother

by Rachel Aredia

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Chicago, IL (US)

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My name is Rachel and I have been diagnosed with endometriosis and uterine fibroids. Endometriosis or “endo” is a common health condition in women in which tissues grow outside of the uterus, causing incredible pain and often infertility. Uterine fibroids are tumors that grow in a woman’s womb (uterus). These are often non-cancerous. In 2016, I had uterine fibroids removed causing scar tissues inside my uterus which could impact where the fertilizes egg is able to attach. In 2022, it was discovered that multiple uterine fibroids had returned, with one sitting conveniently in my uterine canal, which according to my doctor will cause problems getting pregnant. While I intend to have these removed in the future, it is against the recommendation of my doctor to do so until I am ready to get pregnant. This is where this fundraiser comes in.

I am embarrassed to ask for help, but I would be incredibly humbled if you can help me preserve my ability to have children by freezing my eggs. I would absolutely adore having a child and believe I would be a good mother. With the medical conditions described and my age not reversing, my time is coming close. I have done all of the initial consultations and it was recommended in February of 2022 to freeze my eggs within the year. Certainly, I am cutting it close.

Even though I have a medical condition that affects fertility, insurance does not cover fertility treatments. Often, egg freezing can cost up to 15-20,000 dollars. Some insurance plans & big companies have started to cover IVF, though as a self-employed individual, I do not have that option. I am asking for $7000 to meet my goal, but anything would help. $7000 will allow me to pay the fertility clinic in order to begin the process of freezing my eggs. It does not include medications or storage fees.

I truly appreciate any help you can provide. This is incredibly difficult for me to ask for any kind of help financially and so, I am extraordinarily thankful for your kindness and understanding in helping me become a mother one day.