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Spring, TX (US)
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Fertility Treatments

Rachel P.

by Rachel Pfardrescher

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Spring, TX (US)

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My name is Rachel. I have experienced infertility issues for the past decade. Being diagnosed with Endo and PCOS and hospitalized on numerous occasions. Due to my military and civil servant dedication it has now made my days numbered (geriatric pregnancy) towards the hopes and dreams of one day being able to achieve the gift of parenthood. During the last decade I have also lost a great number of influential people and support in my life. I took a job opportunity that I thought would give me the ability to research, have time for, and find answers to my health and infertility issues, which turned out horribly. By no means have I ever given up on my dreams. I wouldn’t be a Firefighter Paramedic ARMY and civilian without such endurance despite my “smallness”. Where the hole in my heart from tumultuous loss and the passing of my parents left me still fighting for my family home, it has also left me endlessly wondering how to fill the silence of four walls with the sounds of family again. Like that of the hustle and bustle of family gatherings, sibling bickering, corny jokes, giggles, family game night rivalry (I blame monopoly and the go to jail square for my LEO friends and family) and as always snuggling up together on the couch for family movie night (who ever holds the remote has the power, only if it has batteries that is!)lol. I have done my research in my home town and been given the quote of 25k for IVF, $5,500 for medications, and $1,500 for each vial (sperm donation). Too bad “service” military or civilian didn’t come with a payment plan for such unexpected costs for life goals. Any help is more than greatly appreciated, prayed for, and diligently paid fully forward for with my every action and attempt to leave people and places better. I know first hand the power of silent heros and now have more than a fleet of angels to watch over me from heaven. Other than that I am surrounded by such wonderful people daily who’s stories I’ve been honored to be educated by as well as share a small part in their story along the way in this journey called life.