Road to baby Williams

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Road to baby Williams

by Cecelia Williams

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memphis, tn (US)

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My name is Cecelia Williams, and I have Polycystic ovary syndrome commonly referred to as PCOS. PCOS is health condition in women in which ovaries produce many immature or partially mature due hormonal imbalance. PCOS is a condition that affects women’s ovaries, the reproductive organs that produce progesterone and estrogen hormones that help in regulating the menstrual cycle and also produce small amount of hormones inhibit, relaxin and male hormones called androgens. PCOS affect more them 10% of women between 12 and 51. My husband Quentin Williams and I have tried to get pregnant for three years. However after 4 failed Intrauterine insemination (IuI) procedures and one miscarriage. My infertility battle continues one HSG procedure, HCG procedure, numerous tests, three different infertility specialists, and countless tears. As a little girl your dream is to blossom in to a queen, marry your king, and have children who will carry on the family’s legacy. After our last attempt at childbirth resulted in a miscarriage we were broken. There were so many sleepless nights, and so many tears shed. But we’ve cried out last tears and decided to keep fighting. It has been an emotional roller coaster but the IVF will yield a better chance at official motherhood! We look optimistically toward our future with IVF. We survived this debilitating medical condition because we are fighters, and our fight is not over! Due to our insurance not covering IVF we have to pay out of pocket. We are asking you to help us on this new path by donating to our fundraiser. We are seeking assistance with the financial burden of IVF , and we would be honored if you could help. Any donation would mean the world to us and help us fight for our future family. We greatly appreciate you for reading this and supporting our dream.

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Veronica Greer $200.00 May 27, 2023
Bre Moore $10.00 May 07, 2023
Brittney Gibbs $100.00 May 07, 2023
Veronica Greer commented with a $200 donation about 1 week ago
Sometimes the road isn’t as smooth as you would like it to be, but nonetheless it will take you to your destination. Love and Light ✨✨
Brittney Gibbs commented with a $100 donation about 4 weeks ago
Praying that you get to experience the joys of motherhood ❤️