Ryan & Natalie Wilkinson IVF Fundraiser

Republic, MO (US)
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Fertility Treatments

Ryan & Natalie Wilkinson IVF Fundraiser

by Natalie Wilkinson

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Republic, MO (US)

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Campaign Story

Dear Family, Friends, and Neighbors,

Our names are Ryan and Natalie Wilkinson, and we would like to share with you a bit about our journey together, and the reason for this appeal.

We met at church and our love story began as our eyes locked for the very first time walking down the halls of church. We fell in love during high school, and married in 2013, right after Ryan returned from serving a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We both desired to raise a family and began to try to have children not long after we married. After years of no success, we then decided to seek medical help and later found out that both of us have infertility issues that would more than likely prevent us from ever getting pregnant naturally. After many appointments, tests, surgery, and medications, we had hope that we would be able to get pregnant on our own. These efforts were sadly unsuccessful and heartbreaking. The treatments we have tried thus far were the last things we could try due to
our medical insurance’s limitations for fertility treatments. The fertility specialists say that IVF is our only chance to conceive.

After fervent prayer, we were strongly impressed to try IVF even though it comes with a large financial obligation. As much as we’ve tried to save over the years, we simply cannot go at it alone. Fertility treatments are very expensive; consultations and tests to determine a treatment plan alone can cost thousands of dollars. IVF is the most widely used treatment plan, but at more than
$20,000-$40,000 per treatment, without help from family, friends, and strangers with generous hearts, the financial burden is heavy.

We have always loved children and, while we have found joy in pouring our love into children of family and friends, we long to share the love we have with a baby of our own. Answers to prayers prompt us to try the IVF journey before proceeding with other options to increase our family.

We have grown over the past 10 years of marriage, from the hardships of battling mental and physical side effects of this struggle together. Through this journey and looking back, we wouldn’t change it for the world. We have grown closer together than we ever thought possible and have been strengthened through these trials. We know that these trails have made us stronger as a couple and has shaped us to be the parents we desperately long to be. The
longing to be parents has always been near and dear to our hearts. While the pain truly feels unbearable at times, we know that once we finally hold our baby in our arms, it will all be worth it. We have faith! We know many of you have prayed—and continue to pray–on our
behalf. Thank you!

It is with humility that we share our story and journey with you, and ask that if you are able, you might consider contributing to our cause to help us reach our dream of becoming parents. Any amount would be so helpful and appreciated. If you are not able to help at this time, we ask that you continue to pray for us, and share our story with friends and family who might be sympathetic to our situation.

With love and appreciation,
Ryan & Natalie Wilkinson

Name Donation Date
Anonymous $50.00 July 03, 2023
Rebecca Murray $20.00 May 26, 2023
Justin Nold $50.00 May 23, 2023
Marisa Childers $50.00 May 20, 2023
Stacie Sauer $25.00 May 19, 2023
Erin & Chelsea Robb $250.00 May 19, 2023
Gale Hakes $25.00 May 16, 2023
Anonymous $50.00 May 16, 2023
Halie Melton $10.00 May 16, 2023
Josh Thomas $10.00 May 16, 2023
Jacob Ronneburg $250.00 May 16, 2023
Vicki Fredine $100.00 May 16, 2023
Amber Brown $25.00 May 16, 2023
Ashley Roberts $20.00 May 15, 2023
Caroline Fudge $10.00 May 15, 2023
Carlye Schuler $40.00 April 24, 2023
Lauren Litchfield $25.00 April 16, 2023
Anonymous $50.00 April 16, 2023
Rachel Winterton $100.00 April 16, 2023
Robin Koster $20.00 April 10, 2023
Marisa Childers $100.00 April 10, 2023
Jill Meadows $100.00 April 06, 2023
Rosetta Akers $25.00 April 06, 2023
Heather Hobbs $25.00 April 05, 2023
Lisa Dulaney $30.00 April 05, 2023
Misty Bishop $200.00 April 05, 2023
Jessica Noteboom $100.00 April 05, 2023
Angela Kelly $60.00 April 04, 2023
Anonymous $30.00 April 03, 2023
Josiah Evans $100.00 April 03, 2023
Richard Brosal $200.00 April 03, 2023
Amanda Wagner $50.00 April 03, 2023
Anonymous $25.00 April 03, 2023