Sam & Logan Baby P

Webster, NY (US)
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Fertility Treatments

Sam & Logan Baby P

by Samantha Paeth

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Webster, NY (US)

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To our family and friends,

Logan and I want to start out by thanking you for taking the time to read our story. As some people may know we have been trying to start our family for awhile now.We’ve been struggling with fertility issues for the past 3 years and have accumulated a lot of costs associated with our fertility treatments. For both of us we have always dreamed of having a child of our own to finally decide which team is better lol (Miami or Buffalo). With many tests coming up negative for any issues for Logan and Sam having a low ovarian reserve we are at a loss. After 10+ failed IUI cycles with careful consideration we are looking to try round two of IVF. Working in Healthcare one would think that Sam would have some coverage but to our surprise no help from insurance. The total cost out of pocket is 15K for one full round of IVF. Infertility feels like it has stolen my choice in terms of how many children I can have, or when I can have them. It’s difficult to navigate this situation with grace, and not become bitter and resentful as a result of this experience. I am used to being a problem solver. I am used to finding solutions and taking charge. It is deeply humbling to realize I need to hand this entire journey over to a power greater than myself, and trust in the process. It is even more humbling to ask for help from others. We know times are hard on everyone, but if you are able to assist financially, we would be most appreciative. We would also be thankful for any words of encouragement.

  • 02-02-2024

    Thank you so much!

    Thank you all so much for your generosity! We are getting close to being able to try again!

Name Donation Date
Laura Young $200.00 January 26, 2024
Beth and Phil Tschorke $500.00 January 11, 2024
John Waterstraat $200.00 January 10, 2024
Amdrea Pettinato $100.00 January 09, 2024
Laura Fowler $100.00 January 09, 2024
Sue Kausch $35.00 January 09, 2024
Kristen Stevens $50.00 January 09, 2024
Vicki Nash $500.00 January 09, 2024
Laura Young commented with a $200 donation about 6 months ago
You’ve got this…. Think calm peaceful thoughts and keep that cortisol as low as you can! ☺️ Sending lots of love 💕 (oh, and the answer is Bills, btw ❤️🤍💙)
John Waterstraat commented with a $200 donation about 6 months ago
We hope everything works out for both of you Love John and Donna
Sue Kausch commented with a $35 donation about 6 months ago
You got this Sam! Sending you positive vibes and prayers!
Vicki Nash commented with a $500 donation about 6 months ago
We love you both very much! Aunt Vic and Aunt Lori