Sara and Coey’s Parenting Journey

Amarillo, TX (US)
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Sara and Coey’s Parenting Journey

by Hannah Stout

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Amarillo, TX (US)

Hannah Stout is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Coey and Sara Daniel.

Campaign Story

Coey and Sara are dear friends and family to us. While Sara and Brett are cousins, he would say she’s the closest thing he has to a sister. They’ve been close their entire childhood and we are lucky to still be close with them to this day. When she first introduced us to Coey we knew there was something special about him. Over the years of watching them together, we knew she had waited for the right person. We were extremely thrilled for both of them when they got married and it’s been amazing getting to do life with them. Coey is an amazing person, Husband, and we know the both of them will be amazing parents together.

We walked with them through their journey of trying to expand their family over the past two years. Unfortunately, it hasn’t come as easy as hoped for. After trying for two years, they sought out specialists for some help. Through many doctors appointments, traveling to specialists, and intensive testing, they were diagnosed with POI/POF (primary ovarian insufficiency or premature ovarian failure). Receiving this news was a huge setback for their journey, however, they have not given up hope, and are still fighting hard for their dreams of having a family. Currently they are needing to use donor eggs and unfortunately this process is not the most affordable. Actually, it’s downright expensive.

So we are starting a fundraiser in hopes of relieving the financial burden on them in the process of helping them expand their family. They also would love your prayers that this process goes smoothly and that there’s no problems along the way. It’s easy to say they’ve both waited a long time for this, and are so excited about becoming parents one day. The love that Coey and Sara share for each other is insurmountable and there is no doubt that they will be amazing parents.

Please consider contributing to this dream of theirs, and pray for peace for their family and an extraction and implantation process with no issues! And of course, a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby! They are so grateful for all of their friends and family, who have supported them along the way. Let’s help make their dreams come true becoming parents.

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