Shania’s IVF journey

Millersville, MISSOURI (US)
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Shania’s IVF journey

by Shania Kincaid

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Millersville, MISSOURI (US)

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My name is Shania and I was born with a low egg count. Me and my husband have been trying for 6 years now. I got pregnant 2 months before our wedding we were so excited and planned on announcing at our wedding! I started spotting so we went to the hospital. The doctor told us there was no heart beat. We lost our first baby two weeks before our big day. Four months later I started having pregnancy syptoms. I decided to take a test. Two dark pink lines appeared a week before Valentine’s Day! I planned a super cute way to tell him on Valentine’s Day! We were both so happy! A month later another trip to the ER and again there was no heart beat. We were both so hurt! We just prayed that one day we would have a beautiful baby! As years went on I gave up and stopped trying. On my grandpas first heavenly birthday I took a pregnancy test, it was positive! Grandpa was watching over us! A week later we went to the doctor and there was a heart beat! For the first time we saw our baby! The baby’s heart beat was so strong! Two weeks went by and we lost our third baby. After that I knew it was time to talk to someone. That’s when I was told I have to do IVF if I want to have a baby. All we have ever wanted was to have a baby of our own.