Bless the Anthony’s: Baby Fever

Seabrook, TX (US)
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Bless the Anthony’s: Baby Fever

by Ashlie Anthony

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Seabrook, TX (US)

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Meet The Anthony’s- Ashlie and Izariah, Texas and Michigan natives. I put my name first (wife) because I’m writing this bio so I get free range. 🙂 We are beyond ready to expand our family and be more than just millennial dog parents! Thank you in advance for your support, prayers and donations.

Let’s take a brisk stroll down memory lane…I was diagnosed with endometriosis in my late twenties- had never even heard of this, but soon learned how common it really was. It was at this moment that I was immediately diagnosed with infertility while visiting a specialist, after years of unsuccessful conception. I wasn’t fully committed to begin IVF at this time; it was a lot to take on and I was not emotionally or financially prepared to begin this journey.

A few years later, I drove myself to the ER for gut-stabbing stomach pain to find out that I was on the verge of a ruptured ovarian cyst. A cystectomy was performed and years of endometriosis tissue buildup was removed, subsequently. This particular surgeon said this was likely the cause of my infertility and I should be back to “normal” with no problems conceiving.

Two more years passed and still no baby. So much for any bit of normalcy that I was assured. I decided to pursue my former fertility specialist and resume testing/ treatment. That soon became halted due to unforeseen circumstances.

Fast forward to 2019, and out of NOWHERE, I was finally pregnant! That sadly was confirmed as I was once again lying in the ER bed with severe cramps and vomiting. As thrilled as I was with my family by my side, all I could do was expect the worst- ectopic pregnancy. To sum this chapter up, both of my fallopian tubes were removed due to toxic blockage. Looking back, I regret agreeing to the removal of my “better” tube, now aware of holistic remedies for blockage.

Months of emotional trauma followed, bursting into tears every time I saw an expecting mother while I was out eating dinner or watching a movie on my couch. Pregnancy announcements swarmed throughout my job, but all I could yearn for was the day that it would be my turn.

Now on to the happiest moments of my life. When my husband and I first met in 2020, I didn’t keep my infertility a secret. In fact, we talked about it within the first two weeks and he promised me that he would always stick by me whether we could conceive or not. This man has my heart forever.

My husband, an army veteran, cannot wait to be a sergeant daddy! No, really….he acts out disciplinary scenarios with his future son and puts on his stern sergeant voice in hopes of fatherhood. It’s kind of funny, yet embarrassing, but also a little bit sad….we are now on our third dog in four years! Man, would I give anything to make him a proud father/ husband! Please help before he brings home another pup!

Thank you for reading our story and we appreciate any blessings that you would like to contribute as we walk through faith in our IVF journey!