Support our Journey to “Baby Kho” with IVF

Puyallup, WA (US)
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Support our Journey to “Baby Kho” with IVF

by Jessica Kho

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Puyallup, WA (US)

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Campaign Story

Hello! We are Scott and Jessica!

We met 8 years ago through work and have been inseperable since. We had our little adventures together that the only thing left was to tie the knot and have our own family. We eloped during the peak of covid and used the money we saved for our supposedly wedding and purchase our home. We were delighted! We thought it will be that easy! You get married, get a house, get a dog and have babies! Yes babiesssss!

We were trying to conceive naturally for 2 years even before we got married with no luck. It never really occur to us that we have issues conceiving. We told ourselves its not our time yet. NO RUSH, IT WILL COME.

We started questioning of what could be wrong in the early 2020 and by the end of the year we have found out that Scott has a low testosterone level and low sperm count, it was described to us as “almost nothing and abnormal” followed by “you should just adopt”. We are young, healthy couple and we were saddened by this, confuse even. Our minds trying to grasp the situation- our heart aches looking at each other- that’s our only option?- to adopt?

We did our research and contacted a fertility specialist in Seattle and Kirkland for further testing, 2nd and 3rd opinion. We were diagnosed as “unknown infertility”. Scott’s undergoing more diagnosis and treatments to improve levels and quality of sperm in order to retrieve samples and that’s how we got into the whole IVF.

We are excited that there’s a plan! That we have a chance! We are ready to put everything to help for a successful IVF. In between all diagnosis and treatments we are still attempting to conceive naturally. We are praying that we can still conceive on our own.

Our egg retrieval yielded 12 eggs; only 7 fertilized and out 7 only 3 came back to be normal with genetic testing.

For the last 3 years of diagnosis, treatment, egg retrieval and 3 embryo transfers, we are UNSUCCESSFUL. We were doing more testings in between transfers (me specificially) to figure out why it was failing to latch, only to come back with no clear answer. Test results are normal. No further treatments because there’s nothing to treat. Again, the cause of infertility is unknown and it is heartbreaking. Outside our IVF clinic, we are also seeing a chiroprator, doing acupuntures, suppliments, good diet & excercises, etc. We’re doing it all!

Our last embryo transfer did result to a positive pregnancy test BUT we lost it a week later. Even in the midst of that lost, it gave us hope that a PREGNANCY IS STILL POSSIBLE.

We couldn’t emphasized more of the heartbreak we had experienced and are still experiencing. The whole process are emotionally, mentally, physically and financially taxing but we choose to remain hopeful and would like to go through another IVF cycle.

With the amount of money spent on this whole process, we could no longer do this on our own and are reaching out for any help we can get. This cycle will be our LAST attempt with IVF and we really want to do our utmost effort to make it happen. Your donations will all go towards our IVF journey with Poma Fertility in Kirkland. Help us to make this into a reality and PRAY for us that at the end of the tunnel we will also welcome our little Scott or Jessica. Thank you. ❤️

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Stephanie Lyman $150.00 February 11, 2024
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LaIsha Nelson $25.00 February 06, 2024
Barbara Hernandez $25.00 December 13, 2023
Salvacion Puertollano $100.00 December 10, 2023
Anonymous $250.00 December 08, 2023
Nouci Ha commented with a $25 donation about 4 months ago
Wishing the best for you two! Lots of love ❤️
Terry Albeso commented with a $100 donation about 5 months ago
Cheerleading for you guys here on the side ALWAYS!! Our prayers and thoughts to you daily to welcome Baby!
Joseph Edwards commented with a $50 donation about 5 months ago
LaIsha Nelson commented with a $25 donation about 5 months ago
Thoughts and prayers for you both through this journey! ♥️
Barbara Hernandez commented with a $25 donation about 6 months ago
Good luck and may God bless you both.