Tawnie’s Fundraiser For IVF

Clinton, AR (US)
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Fertility Treatments

Tawnie’s Fundraiser For IVF

by Tawnie Wynn

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Clinton, AR (US)

Tawnie Wynn is organizing this fundraiser.

Campaign Story

Hi my name is Tawnie my husbands name is Canon and here’s the whole story about our trying to conceive journey and our whole relationship Canon and I met at church one Wednesday night in 2016 and then I saw him at grad night at six flags magic mountain and I screamed Hi at him to where his friends where like who’s she and he said some girl from church to where they replied I think she was a little too excited to see you so that following Sunday he asked if he could pray for our whole family but little did he know my family was a family of 8 but he stood his ground and prayed with us then when church was over my stepdad told me to get his number which is a rare thing lol but that night I went to his graduation party and we had an instant connection so we went on a couple of dates before he asked me to be his girlfriend on June 7 2016 form then on we were inseparable then on my birthday he asked me to marry him and then we got married on April 15 2017 and that night we decided we wanted to make a family but little did we know we would still be waiting for our family almost 5 years later in 2019 we decided to do infertility treatments we did 4-5 iui’s (inner uterine insemination) and at the end of our last iui we found out we were pregnant we were so happy for about an hour because within the hour we found out that it was ectopic and that if we didn’t take action my tube would eventually burst and my chance of kids would be cut in half and at that point the doctors suggested I take chemo to resolve the ectopic pregnancy I had to do two rounds and that’s 4 shots in total so we took some time off and then we come to today where I’ve been diagnosed with pcos and endometriosis and are only real shot at a family is ivf which we all know is expensive but with y’all’s help we can do that so if you could please just share this post or donate we are greatly appreciative of anything y’all do to help thank y’all so much

Name Donation Date
Anonymous $20.00 December 08, 2021
Billie Woodruff $20.00 December 07, 2021
Rob Garton $100.00 December 03, 2021
Jakee Victoria $24.00 December 01, 2021
Anonymous $20.00 December 01, 2021
Barbara French $20.00 November 30, 2021
Jeannie Long $15.00 November 30, 2021
Anonymous $1.00 November 30, 2021
Haili Carroll $5.00 November 30, 2021
Rob Garton commented with a $100 donation about 10 months ago
Love you
Anonymous commented with a $20 donation about 10 months ago
Best of luck to you and your rainbow 🌈 baby!!!
Barbara French commented with a $20 donation about 10 months ago
Best of luck to you! Auntie Barb and Deb.
Anonymous commented with a $1 donation about 10 months ago
Every dollar counts