The Anderson’s hope for a little rainbow

Wylie, TX (US)
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The Anderson’s hope for a little rainbow

by Treslyn Anderson

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Wylie, TX (US)

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Hello, we are the Andersons. We started working on building our family right after marriage. After about a year with no exciting news, we decided to check out if there’s something wrong. We discovered my husband was diagnosed azoospermia (no live sperm) due to the side effects of his hormone therapy for his hypogonadism. After a lot of consideration, we decided to stop his hormone therapy temporarily, thinking we could just get pregnant and then he could go back to his medicine. Being off of his hormones, he definitely has had many setbacks both emotionally and physically which has been very difficult collateral in our attempts to create a family. However, we ended up finding out I was pregnant in February, only to be told I miscarried by the ER when I went in for heavy bleeding and severe pain. Three days later when the pain and bleeding worsened. I then found out I didn’t miscarry, but the baby was spotted along with the heartbeat. It was sweetest sound. Unfortunately, it was ectopic and I needed an emergency surgery at that point to survive, as I was in danger of rupturing with all the bleeding. Surgery resulted in the loss of the embryo and my right fallopian tube. By our surprise, we fell pregnant again in August, only 6 months after the first ectopic pregnancy. However, I landed in the ER again with extreme bleeding and clots. They told me I miscarried again. As we began coping and processing the horrid news so close to the last disappointment, I was told to come to my OB/GYN for an ultrasound because my hcg levels were still rising after the apparent miscarriage. They found the second baby again, but it was also an ectopic pregnancy. I had to go to the ER right away, as my life was again at risk. We are so heartbroken to have experienced this multiple times within the same year. After such heartbreak, we are looking into IVF and the prices are expensive, considering we don’t have insurance coverage for any fertility treatments at all. We decided to try saving a little, which is proving more difficult after my medical bills from the 3 ER visits and surgery and how the economy is currently going.  As we grow desperate to get my husband back on his medication for his quality of life and grow our family, we are getting discouraged. The sadness and hopelessness is difficult to endure. With how unfortunate our year has been with my unforeseen ER visits and medical procedures and emotional implications from the ectopic pregnancies, it has had a negative impact on my work life. My husband struggles with side effects from not being on his hormone therapy and it’s taking a major toll on our lives. We try to remain hopeful that we can achieve this with the help of IVF. We would love to finally be blessed to have our rainbow baby and know that this wasn’t all for nothing, as we never imagined such tribulations with this. Once we can achieve this dream, we can get my husband back on his treatment so he can be himself again. We are putting all of our hope into this so we don’t have to give up defeated.