The Lucas and Kristina Baby Fund

Vancouver, WA (US)
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The Lucas and Kristina Baby Fund

by Lucas Mariscal

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Vancouver, WA (US)

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Campaign Story

My name is Lucas Mariscal and I’m 45 years old. Back in 2010 I dated an amazing women. 3 years in we tried to have a baby but work and school made it hard. My girlfriend ended up with a miscarriage and then she had some family deaths that led to us separating with the notion to get back together. We lost contact with one another and soon it felt like all hope was lost. In 2018 I decided to search the internet for her high and low. She’s never been an internet person so I wasn’t getting any luck at first and one day there she was. I couldn’t believe my luck I felt that god was good. So I messaged her and we started talking and soon after met up. She was super shy. She had gained some wait but all I saw was her beautiful smile and those gorgeous eyes that always managed to hypnotize me. Here I was years later still captivated by this woman’s sheer beauty. I’ve never felt a feeling so intense and so passionate before, it must be true love because I know I have never felt this for anyone in my life. After two years of seeing each other and raising our kids together that we had from previous relationships. She asked me one day what I thought about having another baby, I said no way I’m good. I’m old, I don’t want to starts over with that. She looked saddened by that. After letting her sadness weigh on my heart for two weeks I pulled her to the side and said babe, I do want us to have a baby like we had planned but there’s something I haven’t told you. She said what is it? I said in the beginning of 2018 I’d given up hope that I’d ever see you again and I had a vasectomy done. So if we want to have a baby we’d have to go through all kinds of steps to accomplish that and I’m willing to do what it takes because I love you. She was super excited and well COVID drained our main source of extra money because of how bad it was and losing our jobs. I had to do all kinds of things to ensure we didn’t lose our home because she had gotten sick. I had sold everything I could even my two cars so I walked, bicycled, or took the bus to work. Never missing a beat. Just focused on saving our family. So here we are. Both of us very embarrassed to even be asking anyone for anything. But our love is beyond measure. I have never felt this type of love before for any woman, but I can compare it to the love you felt when seeing your child for the first time. It’s breathtaking, it’s looking at your woman day after day, year after year and still looking at her like I did back in 2010. I love this woman with everything I got. As well as her two daughters because I’m the only father they have ever known. They left and never looked back so I made sure I took up that mantle. Please help us make our dreams come true. I’ve taken two jobs to try to make this happen even though I hate that it takes me away from my family. But we really want this chance. I appreciate anything from anyone who’s willing to help us make our dream a reality. We will forever be grateful and our baby will grow up knowing how much love and kindness went into conceiving her or him. Good luck to all those in the same situation or similar. God bless thank you for listening