The Mackey’s, hoping to expand our family!

Poultney, Vermont (US)
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The Mackey’s, hoping to expand our family!

by Courtney Mackey

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Poultney, Vermont (US)

Courtney Mackey is organizing this fundraiser.

Campaign Story

Hello everyone! We are the Mackey family. we are a family of four mom-Courtney, dad-Justin, Beautiful daughter Aluna, and our fur baby Basil. Our daughter Aluna has Cystic Fibrosis, which is a chronic disease that at a basic level causes fluids and mucus in her body to become thick and sticky plugging important passageways, air ducts, and affect her organs especially her lungs and pancreas.

Justin and I are carriers of the Cystic fibrosis (CF) gene. Even though we both would love to have another baby naturally, there would be the same likelihood that our second baby would have CF as Aluna did. Aluna endures a lot everyday due to having CF, which includes multiple chest compressions (pt) and air way treatment as well as having to take medication every time she eats, having to take multiple supplements, other medications, and other additives. CF causes difficulty breathing, digesting, and absorbing certain nutrients.

We would love to have another child but we want to make sure our next baby won’t have CF. Aluna is resilient, strong, and incredible in every way and as parents we would do anything to take away her pain. Unfortunately we don’t have the power to do that but we can love her and be there for her every step of the way. We can however ensure our second baby doesn’t have CF through IVF treatment.

Thank you for helping and making this possible for our family. Words cannot express our gratitude.

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Anonymous $250.00 April 14, 2023
Kris Jacoby $10.00 October 24, 2022
Stephen Hirst $100.00 August 20, 2022
Heather Hendrie $100.00 August 12, 2022
Anonymous $50.00 August 08, 2022
Lisa Spang $200.00 August 08, 2022
Daniel Ennis $100.00 August 07, 2022
Nicole Bogucki $200.00 August 07, 2022
Alex Towle $50.00 August 07, 2022
Olivia Valerio $100.00 August 07, 2022
Nathan Mackey $400.00 August 07, 2022
Brittney Allen $100.00 August 07, 2022
Cameron Book $20.00 August 07, 2022
Kris Jacoby commented with a $10 donation about 1 year ago
Heather Hendrie commented with a $100 donation about 2 years ago
Sending love!
Lisa Spang commented with a $200 donation about 2 years ago
We love you guys so much.
Nathan Mackey commented with a $400 donation about 2 years ago
Love y’all
Cameron Book commented with a $20 donation about 2 years ago
We love you guys ❤️