The Olsens – Our Journey 3 Months After Cancer.

Kimberly, ID (US)
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The Olsens – Our Journey 3 Months After Cancer.

by Kyndall Olsen

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Kimberly, ID (US)

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✿ Hey there! My name is Kyndall. ✿
I’m a 29-year-old – registered nurse. I turn 30 on January 28th, and all I want for my birthday this year is the gift of motherhood after endometrial cancer.

My husband, Erik and I have been together since 2018. I was told at a young age that I’d have a hard time getting pregnant because of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), but Erik and I were both determined to have children. After years of trying, patience, infertility, and alarming symptoms, I decided it was time to see a new healthcare provider. I knew something more than PCOS was wrong. After labs, imaging, biopsies and even a surgery, I was diagnosed with Endometrioid Adenocarcinoma FIGO Grade 2, which is just a “fancy” (if you can even say that) way of saying Endometrial Cancer. My oncologist recommended a total hysterectomy as the first plan of treatment. Not having any children yet, this was gut wrenchingly devastating. My world came crashing down. Fortunately, my husband and I were able to postpone my hysterectomy a couple of weeks so we could retrieve eggs from my ovaries before they were removed. After two long weeks of injections, ultrasounds, lab work and HOURS in the car traveling we were able to retrieve 16 eggs. Those 16 eggs were fertilized and sent for testing, and we ended up with 2 healthy embryos. We have a boy, and a girl embryo frozen and waiting for us and we couldn’t ask for more!

October 30th, 2023, I had my ovaries, cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes removed. Once they sent my uterus to pathology, it came back that the cancer was stage 1A FIGO grade 2. I am under strict surveillance for the next 5 years to make sure I am officially “cancer free,” but as we know it right now, all the cancer was removed when my uterus was. This was AMAZING news, but I am still processing and grieving over the loss of my reproductive system. The fact that I’ll never feel my baby kick and I’ll never be pregnant just cripples me. My husband is shattered that he’ll never get to rub my pregnant belly. I always dreamed of creating the family I never had. As a nurse, I have a front row seat to the beauty and magic of labor, delivery, and postpartum. I see the newborns and families and my heart longs for that SO bad. Cancer may have taken my uterus, but I refuse to let it take my motherhood from me too. I WILL BE A MOM, no matter how.

I cannot wait to start our surrogacy journey. I am so grateful for science. My little embabies in their petri dishes have been my strength during the hardest and most traumatizing experience of my life. Our sweet friend has agreed to be our gestational carrier and we are beyond ready!!! We are just waiting on the funds to be able to afford her compensation along with the lawyer fees, fertility clinic fees, medical bills and all other expenses that will arise.

I’m a firm believer of the good in this world. I am a giver to my core, a born nurturer. Therapy has recently taught me that life is about balance and there are times in life we give when we have it and ask to receive when we don’t. With that, I vulnerably ask, if you have the yearn to give right now, we would be honored to be the recipient of your kindness and generosity. I have learned the power of humanity in all of this, and the support has been our sunshine. If you can’t afford to financially help us, good vibes, prayers, thoughts, and words are equally appreciated. And you best believe, when I am through this season, I will be back to giving with all I have again. I will pay every penny forward. Thank you for seeing us in our highs and lows. We are truly grateful and humbled from the bottom of our hearts.

With love,
Kyndall and Erik

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Holly Myers commented with a $100 donation about 4 months ago
May Your Dreams Come True! Dale & Holly
Emilee Harding commented with a $50 donation about 5 months ago
I pray God continues to give you the strength to let your light shine, and that He puts His hand of protection over your precious babes and sweet friend.
Taylor Vanhouten commented with a $10 donation about 5 months ago
Can’t wait to see your baby earthside 🤍 xo